How to Connect to Rokespot Internet

Connect to Rokespot Internet
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Rokespot is an open Wifi hotspot found in different parts of Uganda. If you want to connect to Rokespot internet first ensure the service is available in your area. Just go to settings, Enable Wifi then check if Rokespot appears on the list of connection options. Now that you have confirmed your Rokespot eligibility status, you can connect to Rokespot internet.

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Connect to Rokespot Internet

1. Enable Wifi on your device.

2. Select Rokespot from the listed connection menu.

3. The login page will appear, choose payment details.

4. Then fill in the required payment details.

5. Select Rokespot package: 1 Day – 1,200, 1 Week – 6,400 and 1 Month 24,000..

6. If payment is successful, you will be automatically logged in.

7. You can start browsing.

Note: If payment is valid, all you have to do is enable Wifi, then select Rokespot.

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Connect to Rokespot on your PC

1. Enable Wifi network on your PC.

2. Select Rokespot as the Wifi connection.

3. Rokespot network will pop up automatically.

4. However, you can set it up manually. Open your browser. Then go to

5. The log-in page will open, select the payment details.

6. Enter payment details.

7. If payment is activated successfully you will have immediate access to Rokespot internet.


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