Complete guide to using snapseed, Google photos editor

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Taking pictures is a way of keeping an event intact for it to be preserved. You could be with friends, and you are all having a good time, so you take pictures with them. I am not saying the only time you get to take pictures is when you are having a good time, not at all, you can take pictures anytime, anyplace, anywhere.

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Taking a picture is the easy part, the first part actually, now you have to do more. In this technological edge, we live in, social media is trending. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Snapchat are all platforms where most pictures are posted, usually in them are our individual selves hanging out, and so on.

Even platforms that require fewer pictures do need pictures themselves, for instance, WhatsApp, we always look at people’s profile pics at times to see if they are cool or not. Let us not divert from the point I am trying to make, most pictures are taken by the camera, or smartphone is at times good, but they can be better.

You do not just upload a pic to your Instagram or Facebook without first modifying it here and there, you would be really bold to do that, but it can be done anyways. There is competition out there, pics out there are perfect, they are masterpieces, and do you know what the secret is? It is editing ladies and gentlemen!

There are so many editing apps out there for you at your disposal, to be used, to make our galleries even better than other people’s jaws would drop on perusing through. Anyone can edit a pic perfectly, it does not require you to possess Da Vinci’s skills to do it. All you have to be known is how?

Among the apps you can use to edit your pictures is Snapseed which I’m going to show how it is used. So I took a random picture of a watch that I will be using. To get Snapseed, you have to go to the google play store and install it.

Before diving further, you have to know some of the benefits Snapseed puts on the table. Among these are:

  • The app is very easy to use. Incase you have embarked on your journey to photo editing or you are a beginner, Snapseed is the editing app you should start out with as it will be easy for you to learn how to use it.
  • It has no annoying ads, infact there are no ads at all. There are no distractions in your process of focusing on what you are doing.
  • This is the best of all the benefits it has, the app is free to use. The reason I consider it to be the best is that most photo editing software is paid for, Snapseed is good enough to match the level of quality that those other paid photo editing softwares offer.

The only downside I noticed about it is that it has lots of features that take a bit of time for one to fully familiarize with them.

After installation, launch it. At times, it asks for permission to let the app have access to where your photos are, whether internal or external.

Once that is done, or if it has not happened and everything is all fine and good, you will see a display of tap anywhere to upload a photo for you to get started. Upload a photo of your choice.

In the top left corner (pointed to by a yellow arrow) there is the open command that when chosen, takes you back to your gallery to choose a different photo to be edited.

In the top right corner ( pointed to by a yellow arrow) there are three icons. From the left, the first allows you to redo, undo or revert the changes made to a photo as you are editing. Then the next from the left, the icon in the middle to be precise, is circular with the letter “i” in the middle, is the one for image details, the date it was taken, at what time, the image name, and it’s size.

The last icon in the top right corner with three vertical dots is a navigation bar. Once clicked has three choices to go to, settings, tutorials, and help and feedback.

With settings, you get to customize your app theme to dark mode, which is cool or leave it the way it is, white. You also get to choose if you want to resize your photos after each edit and to what extent. You also decide the format and quality of your photos after editing.

In tutorials, there are a bunch of various videos on the features in the app and how to use them. With help and feedback, this is where you go in case you have issues using the app, here you can raise that issue and wait for feedback or for it to be sorted out.

At the bottom of the screen, there is styles, tools, and export. Styles contains already customized versions of your photo, black and white, morning e.t.c. All you have to do is swipe and choose your desired version.

Then we come to the good stuff, tools, here the features are all essential and will leave you blown away. You can adjust brightness, contrast, add a mustache, reduce some facial features, blur a photo, enlarge it, all of which are easy enough to do.

You can save your photo in the export section and share it with whom you wish or export it.

Download Snapseed now from Google play store or apple store and reap the benefits.