How to combine two images in paint.

how to combine two images in paint
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Have you ever taken so many photos in a day and you want them merged in a single frame? Yes, you’ve ever, most of us love seeing all the beautiful memories we build with friends, families, and partners, say after those memorable picnics in a single slide. This is one single way somebody may combine two images in paint and keep these bunches of growing memories altogether at a single point.

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Did you ever want to surprise your lover with no flowers, not gifts, watches, cloths or jewels? Combining all his/her photos with yours into frames may be something you are thinking of, perhaps it doesn’t cost you anything yet paying off much time you dedicate to make someone happy.

With this growing world of technology, you might have so many tools and software that can free you from all this stress; you needn’t worry since you are here.

Guide to combine two images in paint

We’ve several tools to our exposure and among a few, Photoshop, Gimp, krita, infraView, pixir is one. However, all this software may have burning disregard to what you want and how you want it.

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You wish to achieve something professional but without the stress of having a lesson about it, no straining your device memory and so simple to use and access. Not all of us may afford to pay for these tools however much we crave for their necessary services. Photoshop is the best tool if ever there was one, but it’s bulky and costly.

With a solution on our fingertips, free tools to use in such needs are available and near you, for instance, have you ever tried MS paint on your windows computer?

This software is free, simple to learn and an inbuilt package that is a default to every version of windows machines.

Paint is a free hand simple tool to use yet produces professional impressive work with graphics designs and requires none activation process or code. Try it today.

How to put two pictures together on paint

Regardless of the windows version you are using, it’s the same procedure through.

Press the window’s button; go to all programs select paint and it will open at once.

open paint

You may alternatively search paint in the lower search box near the shutdown button. Paint has multiple features for many uses, simple graphics for novice designers, and editing material for prank photographic manipulation.

This simple tool has several useful features common with all other complicated photo editing tools around, such are pencil, brush airbrush, several colors, shapes (such as rectangles, circles and squares) and symbols, rotate tool, resize tool, crop select and erasing tool. You may also apply texts, lines, magnify, and fill your merged photos with colors

The four simplest steps to merge two photos in Paint

Step 1 : Resize Image in Paint

Now we have learned to open paint, let’s find out how we can open a saved photo in MS paint. Before combining any two photos in paint, make sure they are of the same size and they will carry resolutions in terms of pixels or percentage out on similar sized layers of the photos. Resizing of photos might get done using the resize tool in the top menu bar.

combine two images in paint

Step 2 : Add First Image

We’ve finished resizing; let’s locate one of our photos now. Click the drop-down button in the top right corner of the menu bar, select open and choose a folder where the photo is, click and open it, Paint will automatically load the photo selected and open it in the default window. Now we have our first photo loaded already and well positioned, do you wish to add the second?

combine two images add

Step 3 : Add Second Image

The second photo may be added by importing. Make use of the Paste button right on the menu bar and below it is the famous paste button in form of a down-facing arrow.

Just click on it, a list of options will appear. Don’t mind about any others, click Paste From. Once all this is completed, a new dialogue will appear prompting you to locate your second photo on either hard drive or an external storage. Select it and it will be pasted at once above the first photo you opened.

Step 4 : Re-position second Image

So far you have two photos together, you can add third, fourth and as many as your wish is. You can move the second photo above by dragging it to your preferred positions depending on which areas of the first photo you want to remain visible. Resizing is as well done by clicking on the edges of the photo. After layering both photos to your desired positions and impressive layers, click saves as on the menu bar and it will save the photos with a name of your choice as one merged photo.

Reposition merged image and save

Note, you can as well undo changes by pressing a combination of keys; ctrl + Z if undesired designs get caught in your merge. MS paint is a powerful tool that allows you to save photos in many formats, that is JPG, GIF, PNG, and BMP.

Why MS paint?

Not like the rest of advanced editing tools you’ve ever used before, MS paint is simpler to use, with adequate features mentioned in this article and are way easier to learn in the shortest time, I did not spend sleepless nights learning paint, but on my second photo-merge trust me I had got all the tools functionality on my fingertips. They are easy to play with. Photoshop and Gimp may require lessons and video tutorials for many days before perfecting.

With all the features listed earlier in this article and numerous tools we have not explained MS paint remains a free tool for every user, no activation code and upgrade costs that may incur, leave all that for Adobe packages and pixir. Save while doing great work with your photos. Free impressions matter a lot.

Are you an artist, MS paint can be a tool to advance your drawings? It allows you draw from scratch, freehand drawings and those to scale. Most of other editing software will allow you to edit already existing graphical images. Try it today for simple photo manipulation.