Chrome VS Edge: Which browser is better

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Chrome VS Edge: Which browser is better?

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Google Chrome offers a more simple, more secure, and faster web browsing experience on both Mobile and PC compared to Microsoft’s edge.

Among all platforms, Google Chrome has a 64.92% share of the browser market worldwide – kommandotech.

On the other hand, Microsoft edge’s worldwide browsing market is 3.4% — backlinko.

What makes Chrome different from Edge, read on to find out.

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a) Search engine

Google Chrome’s default search engine is Google. Google is used a lot on both mobile and PCs.

Microsoft Edge’s default search engine is bing. Bing is used mostly on PCs. Even so, some PC users go ahead and install Chrome for desktops and use Google instead of Edge.

b) Web Extensions

Extensions add functions and features to web browsers.

Google Chrome has an expansive library of extensions that you can browse and install from the Chrome web store.

Microsoft Edge can install extensions from the Chrome Web Store. Asides from that, the extensions it offers are fewer compared to Chrome’s.

c) Startup

Chrome’s default home page is with Google as its default search engine. It displays video output on a Chromecast device.

Edge’s default home page is a bing search box with content from Microsoft News. Bing is its default search engine. It displays video output on any device that supports the DLNA protocol or Miracast.

d) How compatible are they?

Google Chrome comes already installed by default on Chromebooks and Android devices. It also smoothly runs on Windows, Linux, macOS, iPadOS and iOS.

Microsoft Edge is installed on Windows devices by default. It also comfortably runs on macOS, iOS, iPadOS, Android devices, and also Linux.

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In this battle of Chrome VS Edge, we hope you now know the winner.

Chrome and Edge display your favorite browsers and apps, save locations of those websites and apps as bookmarks, open many tabs concurrently in different windows or tabs, keep a history of where you have been on the internet, and can let your browse privately incognito.

I personally use both Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome. I use Edge and Chrome when browsing on my PC. Though not at the same time. When it comes to my Android device, I use Chrome, because it is easy to use on Mobile than Edge.