How to change Whatsapp Bubble color on android phone

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A few months ago Whatsapp introduced Material Design for the app, which is really amazing. Whatsapp is having a default green Color which I don’t like much.

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So I thought of editing the App and changing the background color. You can also do it without having knowledge of coding. Just need is some time and a little brain.  Secondly, if you wish to change your Whatsapp bubble color you would consider any of my two options below.

However, Note that people using Whatsapp green (Original WhatsApp) may not be in a position to change WhatsApp Bubble color easily.

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Download & install GBWhatsapp

Yes, I know this may sound new to your ears but using GB WhatsApp is one of the easiest options to easily change your Whatsapp bubble color.

what is GBWhatsapp?

Well, have you been wondering how your friends are able to change their Whatsapp background to multiple colors or even hide blue or second ticks, Yes that is the power of GBWhatsapp?

GBWhatsapp is getting popular because of its wonderful features and variety of Mods.

Have you downloaded yourself one? If not, you should consider downloading and installing one via our link below.

The next section is for those who haven’t installed GBWhatsapp on their android device but if you have it already you can skip reading the next section on how to change Whatsapp bubble color.

Download GB WhatsApp Latest Versions

Installing GBWhatsapp after downloading:

  • Okay firstly you need to go in settings—security and click on unknown sources
change Whatsapp Bubble color
  • Then after install your GBWhatsapp on your android phone
change Whatsapp Bubble color
  • You will be required to enter your phone number and country respectively as shown below
change Whatsapp Bubble color

Note: if you want to restore chats history from Whatsapp, Make sure you made a backup from your messages, and then you can restore it by pressing the button below.

  • Press on & GBWhatsapp will automatically detect sms verification code and you will now be ready to use this fun Whatsapp app on your android phone.

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Features of GBWhatsapp and how to change Whatsapp bubble color

GBWhatsapp app has more fun features that come with it including hiding seen status, hide second tick, hide blue ticks, download someone else’s status, customize themes, and just many others you ought to see yourself. Having a look through some of these features;

  • Many new emoji’s
  • Calls to non-contact numbers
  • Auto download of media for specified group contacts/contacts only
  • Download statues
  • Change Whatsapp bubble color
  • Hide status view
  • Video call feature
  • Send videos
  • Setup group name 35 characters
  • No ban issues
  • Modify and create Whatsapp theme and upload it
  • Over 100 languages supported
  • Ability to copy selected text on what
  • Also change application icon
  • Send more than 50 pictures in one click unlike the 10 limit of green Whatsapp

Now here is how to Change Whatsapp Bubble color on GBWhatsapp.

Right-click on the Whatsapp menu as shown and select GB settings

change Whatsapp Bubble color

Then Choose & Click on conversation Screen:

change Whatsapp Bubble color

Select Chat and scroll to the bottom to change the Whatsapp color of bubbles

change Whatsapp Bubble color

Changing Whatsapp Plus bubble color

Well, this is another cool Whatsapp app that will allow you to change Whatsapp bubble color and also enjoy other fun tricks like hiding last seen, blue ticks, and many others. Whatsapp plus has been modified by another developer because the original version got some problems. However, this doesn’t stop Whatsapp plus from giving fun to its users with all its mods. So if you don’t yet have this app you can download the app via the link below. But if you have it already you can skip to the next section and learn how to change the Bubble color of your Whatsapp.

[download id=”88″]

Download and install Whatsapp plus guided Steps below

Download Whatsapp through the link above and install it on your phone

Then you will need to make a backup of your chat settings. Go to your phone settings >Chats>Backup

change Whatsapp Bubble color

Make backup and wait for few seconds backup to complete

Now uninstall your previous Whatsapp app. settings>apps>Whatsapp>Uninstall

Now install your downloaded Whatsapp plus app on your smartphone

Enter required details and verify your number via OTP which is done automatically

change Whatsapp Bubble color

Congratulations you have now fully installed Whatsapp plus. You can now modify your app to have the features below inclusive. Some of the features Whatsapp Plus provides include;

Whatsapp Plus features you shouldn’t miss

  • Latest Mod of Whatsapp
  • Send PDF, Text, Docs and many others
  • Change Whatsapp bubble color
  • Always Online Mod
  • Video call added
  • Hide last seen, blue ticks and second tick
  • Choose new colors and customize your text
  • Access Whatsapp++ using Passcode and Touch ID
change Whatsapp Bubble color
  • Create group invite links
  • Record audio with one tap
  • Send DRM free music and send as much media as you want in one message
  • Use a full picture for your profile instead of a cropped one

They are many other features you will come across but we need to know how to change the Whatsapp bubble color

Here are quick steps on changing Whatsapp bubble color on Whatsapp Plus;

Right-click on Whatsapp menu>More options as shown below

change Whatsapp Bubble color

Under appearance >go to> Conversation Screen.

Select Chats and there you are in a position to modify the Whatsapp bubble color of your Whatsapp plus as shown in the illustration below

Whatsapp Original


Whatsapp Messenger is a cross-platform mobile messaging app that allows you to exchange messages without having to pay for SMS.

Whatsapp Green Messenger is the original version of Whatsapp and is available for iPhone, BlackBerry, Windows Phone, Android, and Nokia.

However, changing Whatsapp’s green bubble color is silently complicated but possible. I will cover that in my next tutorial, just drop your comment below and tell me what you think?

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