How to change language in google chrome

change language in google chrome
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Google chrome gives an option to its users to change language from English ,Arabic , chinese, Russian , Spanish or French to any other language of their choice .

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While changing language in chrome browser may sound difficult , the process is in fact easier than you may think . It will take you less than 3 minutes of your time to change the default language .

The procedures below will guide you through how to change language in google chrome in 6 simple steps .

Just remember i have used windows 10 to compile this tutorial  but the same techniques may apply on MAC or Chrome OS device like a Chromebook .

Summary: How to change language in google chrome.

Before we can see the detailed guide on how to change language in google chrome , below is the complete summary of changing language settings in google chrome .

Change language settings Windows, Linux, & MacOS

  • Step 1 : Open google chrome and select settings .
  • Step 2 : Then select advanced Option
  • Step 3 : Under advanced, select Language Option
  • Step 4 : Then Select Add Languages & Add desired language.
  • Step 5 : Move the select language to the top to make it default .

Step By Step Guide to change Language in Google Chrome

The step by step procedures below with pictures will guide you to change Language in Google Chrome :-

  1. Open Google chrome on your device and navigate to chrome menu at the top right bar ( denoted by three vertical bars )

select chrome menu

2. Under Chrome menu select settings at the bottom . You can also open settings by navigating to chrome://settings/ in your google chrome browser .

select settings in google chrome menu

3. Under settings page , scroll down to the bottom and click on Advanced to display additional options . Check the screenshot below.

scroll down bottom and select Advanced

4. Look for the option language and select the Arrow menu to show the available language options .

select language option under advanced

5. Select Add Languages option under the language category . An add language window will pop up to allow you add any language of your choice . Scroll through the list of available languages and select your desired one and then click ADD .

Add languages popup

6. The language you just selected will be made available in the list of your languages . To make the desired language a default one , click menu option ( three vertical dots beside your Language options ) and select offer to display desired pages in this language . You can also rearrange order of languages & remove the unwanted ones as well .

Change the language in google chrome

After finishing the above steps, close the settings page and google chrome will automatically save your changes and update all your pages .

How to change language in google chrome  android .

To change language in google chrome for android , navigate to chrome settings for your android device Under  “Settings” > “Language and input“ and follow the procedures above .

How to translate webpages google Chrome in a new language manually .

After adding a new language in your google chrome settings tab , you’ll also need to display web pages in that language . To do this , we shall translate web pages manually in settings section .

1 . Open chrome menu ( three vertical dotted lines at the right top right bar ) and scroll down at the bottom again to select Settings option from the menu .

select settings menu again

2 . Under Settings , Scroll down at  the bottom and select advanced option . In the availed options below select Languages . You’ll see a list of available languages you just added .

List of available languages in chrome

3. Select a menu tab next to the desired language for those you need to translate your web pages in google chrome .

select menu to change languages

4. A small window will pop up , select Display Google chrome in this language . Remember this option may not be available to some languages that you added .

Display google chrome in this language

After selecting desired language to display google chrome in the specified language , a Relaunch button will appear . Click the Relaunch button to apply the changes and display all your web pages  in the selected language .

select Relaunch to display google chrome in desired language

You can now go and search any page in desired language and google Translate won’t appear . Google Chrome will automatically translate to the desired language .

If you need Google translate to always appear on the web pages with different languages , you’ll need to go to settings > Advanced > Languages > select menu of desired language and click Offer to translate pages in this language .

Offer to translate pages in this language

Was this helpful while changing language in google chrome , Let us know via the comment section below .