How to Change Desktop Icon Spacing in Windows 11 and 10

How to Change Desktop Icon Spacing in Windows 11 and
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The appearance of our desktops can significantly influence our productivity and user experience. Windows 11 and Windows 10 offer a range of customization options to personalize the desktop to suit individual preferences. One such customization is adjusting the desktop icon spacing, which determines the distance between icons on the screen. In this article, we will guide you through the step-by-step process of changing desktop icon spacing in both Windows 11 and Windows 10.

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Changing Desktop Icon Spacing in Windows 11 and Windows 10

1. Begin by right-clicking on any vacant area on your desktop. A menu of options will appear.

2. From the menu, choose “Personalize” to access the Settings app.

3. Inside the Settings app, locate and click on “Themes” in the left-hand menu.

4. Scroll down to the bottom of the Themes page and select “Advanced settings.”

5. The “Advanced Appearance Settings” window will appear. Here, you can adjust the spacing between icons by modifying the values for “Icon Spacing (Horizontal)” and “Icon Spacing (Vertical).”

6. To change the spacing, either use the arrows or input a specific value. Increasing the value will increase the space between icons while decreasing it will bring the icons closer together.

7. After making the desired adjustments, save your settings by clicking “Apply” followed by “OK” to close the window.

8. To view the changes, refresh your desktop by right-clicking on it and selecting “Refresh” from the menu.