The Best Car Hailing Apps to use in Uganda

The Best Car Hailing Apps to use in
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Car hailing apps are those applications that connect you and local drivers using their personal rides. Now here is a comfortable transportation method. These apps are a must-have according to my opinion because you never know when they can come in handy especially if you are stuck and need a quick congestion-free transport option. They also come in handy if you’re a tourist or one of those party people who like late-night mobility. You could be a student or working-class without private means but not a fan of public means or on your way to for a date (we would not want to see you and your high heels on a Boda) these apps will have you hailing a private, preferred ride of your choice and you can get to your destination in one piece.

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The number of car-hailing apps seems to be on the rise in the country, with some of them being creative enough to send you daily notifications and messages enticing you to try their affordable ride offers and discounts. We bring you some of the best car-hailing app options in Uganda



Observing the same international standards, Uber has quite a number of good reviews and feedback for its services. It has both cars and bodas but is mostly used for car-hailing. With slightly higher transport fares, you can be guaranteed safe and efficient services. You can go as far as requesting a ride in advance up to 30 days prior.

The Uber app is straightforward and easy to use allowing you to manually set your pick-up location in case your phone location is off. To access Uber services, you can simply download the app and sign up with your phone number. When requesting a ride, you chose or type in your pick-up location and destination then you will be availed of the rides near your pick-up location. The app shows you the available rides, types of cars, and price ranges for the journey. The estimated charge for an Uber ride is $0.40 per minute but this fluctuates depending on traffic, weather conditions, and availability of rides among other factors.

All you have to do is choose your desired ride and the app will show you how many minutes you have until the ride arrives plus the driver will call you when they arrive to pick you up. The app tracks your movement and will calculate transport fare on your arrival. The Uber app is available for download on both Android and IOS.


Previously known as Taxify, Bolt offers slightly more favorable prices (cheaper) compared to Uber Uganda. Bolt has both cars and bodas availed on the app. The drivers follow strict standards to provide quality services so you can be sure your boda rider or driver will observe all traffic rules. The car-hailing service also offers food delivery, and automobile rentals too and is majorly based in Kampala and surrounding towns like Entebbe.

With more affordable prices compared to Uber, Bolt offers almost the same services and has similar app features to those of the Uber app. Bolt app specifies the number of seats the ride has so you know which one is favorable in case you happen to be moving with friends.

Like Uber prices on Bolt are also based on the distance of the journey and the time taken to reach your destination meaning you can get charged more in case you get stuck in traffic on your way compared to when you use a traffic-free route. However, during peak hours, extreme weather conditions, and heavy traffic, prices are increased at the expense of the consumer to encourage drivers to get onto the road.


Ori Rides is among the new car-hailing apps in Uganda, minus providing the usual car-hailing app services, Ori Rides provides car rental services, movers, and the most enticing of all ambulance services. Yes, you heard right with this app you can hail an ambulance in case of any emergency.

Like most car-hailing apps, it is mostly situated in Kampala but trying to expand so it can go across all areas of the country. With Ori rides you also get courier services and have your merchandise picked and delivered without you having to go with the driver. All you need is to download the app, sign up with your phone number or Facebook then verify your details to access their services.


Mondo Ride is another car-hailing app in Uganda. You have probably not heard a lot about it because it is still new but it is taking its toll on the car-hailing apps in the country. Majorly based in Kampala Mondo rides besides offering similar services to other car-hailing apps actually lets you create a list of your favorite drivers on the app. Accessing the app and services requires you to download the app, sign up using your phone number or Facebook account and then verify the information, and you’re good to go


Derived from the Kenyan word “Matatu” which means a minibus or taxi, the Easy matatu will give you an official taxi-hailing experience. Unlike most car-hailing apps, this one is a taxi-hailing app where you get to book a scheduled ride with them, and chose a pickup location and destination. You are allowed to pick a preferred pick-up time and your matatu will be there. With fair prices though slightly higher than those in a normal taxi, easy matatu operates in Kampala so do not hesitate to try their services.

Most car-hailing apps and e-hailing, are all currently situated in areas of Kampala, Wakiso, and Entebbe so you might have a hard time accessing their services if you happen to be outside their operational areas. They are however looking to expand their services to areas beyond the popular districts and this could only be a matter of time.