How to Set up Caller Tunes Safaricom (Skizza Tunes)

Caller Tunes Safaricom (Skizza Tunes)
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Caller tunes entertain your callers with a unique tune. With Safaricom Skizza tunes you have access to both local and international tunes at only Ksh 1 daily. Here is how you can set up caller tunes Safaricom.

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Method 1: Use SKIZA code

  • Dial *811# and press send. (Make sure your Safaricom line is active).
  • Then select Subscribe to SKIZA.
  • Enter the code of the SKIZA tone you wish to subscribe to.
  • Download your SKIZA tune
  • Confirm and Subscribe

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Method 2: Set Caller Tune via SMS on Safaricom

To set up caller tunes on Safaricom using SMS.

  • Open Message app.
  • Type SKIZZA and then the code e.g SKIZA 5000005.
  • Enter recipient as 811.
  • Then click send.


  • Open Message app.
  • Type SEARCH and artist name then send to 822.
  • Follow the prompts.

Method 3. Set up Skizza Tune on the Website

Take note: You can also copy a SKIZZA tune from another caller by dialing 11 before they answer. And once you download a SKIZZA tune successfully, it is downloaded to your personal album.

If your account does not have sufficient funds, the tune will be suspended until you top up Airtime.

Caller Tunes Safaricom (Skizza Tunes)