How To Bypass Samsung FRP Using an FRP Bypass Tool

How To Bypass Samsung FRP Using an FRP Bypass
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Samsung Factory Reset Protection (FRP) is a security feature that Samsung implemented in Android 5.1 Lollipop and later versions. It prevents unauthorized access to lost or stolen Samsung devices. After a factory reset, FRP needs the user to input the Google account credentials linked with the device to prove ownership. This prevents unauthorized access to the device, even if a factory reset is performed. Although FRP is a helpful security feature, forgetting your Google account credentials or buying a used device with FRP activated might be unpleasant. To gain access to the device in such instances, you will need to take specific steps to bypass FRP.

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Why Do You Need a Samsung FRP Bypass Tool?

Fingerprint, face, and pattern locks are powerful security features for your phone. But, if you’ve mistakenly locked yourself out of your phone, it may be a frustrating situation. This may be caused by incorrect unlock attempts, a factory reset, or forgetting your password.

If your Samsung phone’s access has been restricted owing to an FRP lock, your first idea may be how to bypass the FRP lock on Samsung. Fortunately, a solution like Tenorshare 4uKey for Android can help you in bypassing Google verification after a factory reset. It can unlock the FRP lock on your Samsung phone as well as bypass other sorts of Android locks.

  • Time-saving: Bypassing the Samsung FRP lock takes just 3 minutes, and you may bypass your Google account on your Samsung phone without entering a password.
  • Get rid of the old: It can delete your previous Google account from your Samsung device and enable you to sign in to a new Google account.
  • Android-Unlocker: It can unlock many different kinds of Android locks, such as PIN, pattern, screen, face ID, password screen, and fingerprint locks.
  • High usability: It is accessible for both Windows and Mac OS. It is compatible with Android versions 6 through 12 and S21.

How to Bypass Google Lock on Samsung

Here’s how to bypass Google account verification after resetting your Samsung phone:

  1. First, you need to download the Samsung FRP bypass tool on your PC. The most popular tool there-is is the Tenorshare 4uKey for Android, download and install it on your PC. Launch the tool and connect your phone to your PC. Choose the function of “Remove Google Lock (FRP).”
Bypass Samsung FRP Using an FRP Bypass Tool: 4uKey Home screen
4uKey Home screen
  1. Next, choose the OS version your Samsung phone uses and hit “Start” to proceed.
Bypass Samsung FRP Using an FRP Bypass Tool: Select OS version
Select OS version
  1. Now press the “Emergency Call” button to open the dial pad from the bottom of your mobile’s screen. Type *#0*#, and your phone will enter diagnostic mode. Press the “Next” button on 4uKey for Android.
Initiate Emergency call
Initiate Emergency call
  1. A prompt will ask you to enable USB debugging. Press “OK” or “Allow” as shown on your mobile phone. Next, hit the “OK” button on your PC.
Enable USB debugging
Enable USB debugging
  1. Wait for a few minutes for the tool to unlock FRP lock. Once the lock is removed, you’ll regain complete access to your Samsung phone.
FRP unlock
FRP unlock


Be aware that there are situations in which it is illegal to bypass FRP, and check that you have the appropriate permissions before attempting to do so on a Samsung device. It’s also important to back up your Samsung device’s data before attempting to utilize 4uKey to bypass FRP, since doing so might result in the loss of some or all of your data.