How to Buy Pawa Bundles on Telkom Kenya

Buy Pawa Bundles on Telkom Kenya
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Telkom Kenya’s most renowned 3 in 1 voice bundle dubbed Pawa bundles gives subscribers minutes, SMS, and data in one package. The Pawa bundle provides solutions that address the customer’s everyday communication needs. Here is how you can buy Pawa bundles on Telkom Kenya.

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How to Buy Pawa Bundles on Telkom Kenya

  1. Launch the phone app.
  2. Dial *544#
  3. Selcet number that corresponds with Choose Pawa (Combo) Bundles.
  4. Then select the prefered Pawa plan from the available offers.
  5. You can decide to have them auto-renew
  6. Confirm and enjoy.
  7. Alternatively, you can dial *10# the select Powa Bundle and press OK.

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Telkom’s Pawa Bundle Packages

BundlePawa 10Pawa 20Pawa 20 ExtraPawa 50
Minutes30min (Telkom to Telkom)5min any network100 min (Telkom to Telkom)600min (Telkom to Telkom)
SMS100 (across networks)100 (up from 40SMS, across networks)200 (across networks)
Data50MB (WhatsApp)100MB100MB (up from 10MB)200MB
Validity24hrs24 hrs24hrs3 days
Buy Pawa Bundles on Telkom Kenya