Phones: Platforms that Allow you to Buy Now and Pay Later in Uganda – Full List

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This post is about a complete guide to platforms that allow you to buy now and pay later or take a phone on loan in Uganda.

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We have all been in that situation where you see something you like, but do not have the money to get it. It is disappointing not to instantly get that something. At times you might get the money later but not find it there at all.

It has happened to me enough times. Most recently, I wanted to get a DELL Latitude i7 PC. Unfortunately, I did not have the money at the time to get it. After a month, I had luckily gotten the money to buy it. But sadly, it had been sold.

The good news is that there are platforms that allow you to buy now and pay later. Here they are below.


1. MKOPA Uganda

In 2011, Mkopa began as a solar financing company. Later, it expanded its services to include phone financing, enabling Ugandans to make a small deposit, starting as low as UGX 86,000, for a desired phone. Customers can take a smartphone home and then make the remaining payments in daily, weekly, and monthly installments. Making timely payments will contribute to a positive credit score with Mkopa which will enable customers to have the option to upgrade their phones. The available phone brands include Samsung and Nokia. Below is a list of Mkopa phones and their prices in Uganda.

Photo Credit: Mkopa Uganda

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2. WeBank TakeNow

WeBank TakeNow is a gadget financing program by TECNO that enables customers to acquire their favorite smartphones from Tecno, Itel, and Infinix at an affordable fee and pay for them in installments over some time. The initial deposit is 30% of the phone price that you intend to take home. Unlike MKOPA, this option provides you with a variety of choices as long as they fit within your budget.

3. Airtel kwata Essimu

Airtel Uganda has collaborated with MasterCard, Asante, and Samsung to launch Kwata Essimu, a pay-on-demand service that allows individuals to purchase a phone and pay for it later in installments of 3 months, 6 months, 9 months, or a tenure of 10 months. The Kwata Essimu scheme provides entry-level Samsung smartphones in the A series, such as the Galaxy Core A3 or A11. This service is accessible only to Airtel customers with a good financial track record. To check eligibility and order your new phone, dial *284*49# or visit the nearest Airtel shop in your area.

4. Buy now and pay later with PayLater UG

PayLater UG is an e-commerce platform that provides a variety of products that you can buy, own, and pay for in easy, flexible monthly installments in Uganda.

They serve as a place where screened suppliers list items on the website and consumers apply to get these items on credit and pay in bits.

PayLater UG operates on a 30% scale. This implies that your monthly payments should not exceed 30% of your salary.

For instance, if you earn 500,000 UGX per month, you should only qualify for a program that requires monthly payments of 150,000 UGX. Payments are made in six equal installments and a repayment period of six months.

5. Buy now and pay later Uganda with Lipa Later

You can buy items like iPhones, Tecno phones, home appliances, mattresses, and furniture with LipaLater Uganda. Its monthly interest rates are 4.2%, equaling 50.4% per annum, and an initial deposit worth 10% of the item value.

Payment terms are a fixed amount each month for 12 months. It is worth noting that different items have different interest rates, but they do have a minimum rate of 4.2%.

6. Buy now and pay later Uganda with MTN Kabode

MTN Kabode Price in Uganda uses buy now, pay later. A brand new MTN Kabode Smartphone costs UGX 150,000 at any MTN service center in Uganda.

Despite that, the phone is also offered on a credit plan with monthly payments from as low as UGX 20,000 for 6 months. Once 6 months expire, the Smartphone fully becomes yours with no future payments expected from you.

MTN Mpola Mpola

Mpola Mpola is an offer from MTN Uganda. It allows MTN customers to buy devices bundled with data with a low initial payment and the balance paid in multiple monthly installments thereafter.

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These buy now pay later platforms are great if you do have enough cash at hand to buy that something immediately. You never know, by the time you get the money to buy that specific thing, it may have already have been sold.

Let us know which of these platforms you have tried out in the past and your experiences with them.