How to Buy Bundles for Another Number on Airtel Kenya

Buy Safaricom SMS Bundles
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We all know that sharing is giving, that’s why Airtel Kenya gives you an opportunity to gift a bundle to a friend. So, surprise your friends with a voice or data bundle one of these days. Here is how you can buy bundles for another number on Airtel Kenya.

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  1. Launch the phone app.
  2. Dial *544# and press okay using your Airtel Kenya line.
  3. Select option 5, Gift a Bundle from the displayed menu.
  4. Then choose bundle plan you hope to buy for a friend ranging from Tubonge, Amazing Data Bundles, UnlimiNET, and UnlimiNET Modem.
  5. Enter the Airtel number you buying a bundle for.
  6. Select the bundle package to buy from the available options.
  7. Choose to buy the bundle once option or click auo renew.
  8. A confirmation text will be sent to your line and the other number will receive the data instantly.
  9. Follow the steps above if you want to buy bundles for another number on Airtel kenya.

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