Buy Africell Data & Airtime with MTN Everywhere You Go

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It has been overly a relieving week; it’s now possible to buy Africell Data & Airtime with MTN Everywhere You Go Mobile Money Agents in Uganda. It looks like Africell customers will no longer walk from shop to shop inquiring “Do you have Africell Money?” or the commonly inquiring statement “Olina Africell?”

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It is possible now for anyone on the Africell line to purchase or make Airtime and Data requests from MTN Mobile Money Agents in Uganda, the question is how is it possible? Is it even valid? And the only acceptable answer here is yes. LOL!! MTN UG and Africell UG launched an assisted payment system whose underlying aim basically is to enable the long miserable Africell customers, who have been struggling with Data and Airtime purchases since Africell does not have so many Agents around major cities in Uganda.

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Now on the Go, Africell customers will start purchasing Data and Airtime through MTN mobile money agents in Uganda to simplify their experience with Africell Uganda Telecom Company.  The new deal was launched in a Press conference this week on Tuesday where Africell Officials (Alex Wekoye: Africell Sales Director) claimed that they are trying to make use of the broadly Wide and established MTN Mobile services to draw near their services near to customers that seem to be so far from them.

It’s a partnership that intends to boost and expanding Africell’s objective of serving its customers with first-class services while they try to throw out their arms and firmly establish themselves in Uganda with the likes of MTN, and Airtel. But this seemed impossible since they have limited agents in the whole country. With the newly launched partnership, Africell’s goal could be on the radar since MTN has the highest number of mobile money agents in the country. In the same press conference, it is claimed that all MTN Mobile money Agents have been notified about the new partnership which will start immediately.

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MTN Uganda, however, is not the only company Africell is partnering with an aim to expand its services across Uganda. Africell Uganda is also working with PAYWAY, Ezzy Money banking, and POS services. However, it should be noted as well that the -Africell assisted payment will only be accessed at MTN Mobile Money agent shops

How To Buy Africell Data & Airtime with MTN Everywhere You Go

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Christopher Ssali (Uganda General Manager (GM) for Mobile Financial Services) explained the steps through which Ugandan Africell customers shall follow in order to work with the new system that will simplify their usage and exploitation of all the ultimate and lately hard-to-reach services Africell Uganda provides.

  • An Africell customer shall visit any nearby MTN Mobile Money Agent in their area either to top-up Airtime, or buy any type of Data, social media bundles inclusive.
  • The Agent will type the USSD code *165*7# to initiate the transaction
  • Once it loads, the Agent will access the following options in order to purchase Data or Airtime for the customer, i.e. Pay for Customer>Select Africell Service>Number>Value of Service>PIN.

Speaking in the same conference, the Africell Sales Director said that in addition to enriching their customers with readily available and accessible services, the MTN Uganda and Africell Uganda partnership will offer MTN Mobile Money agents over a billion of shillings while facilitating a convenient experience for their customers in Uganda.

It’s time to pull out all the old and dumped Africell SIM cards now that we can purchase Africell Data and Airtime Everywhere You go. It has been sour for Africell customers ever since the Ugandan government banned scratch cards in an aim to promote electronic transactions which pulled off Africell services that were still growing due to a limited number of electronic transacting agents around Uganda.