How to borrow money from MTN MoKash

MTN Mokash
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MoKash is a service that provides customers the ability to save and borrow using their phones. Customers can save while earning interest or take out short-term loans at a reasonable fee.

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The customer does not have to visit any bank to fill out forms.

MoKash gives you a Loan Limit that you cannot exceed. This loan limit is determined by how much money you save to your MoKash account, your repayment behavior when you get loans from MoKash, as well as your user behavior as far as Mobile Money and other MTN services are concerned.

To check your credit limit, you can follow the steps below;

STEP 1: Dial *165*5#
STEP 2: Select option 1 (MoKash)
STEP 3: Select option 2 (Loans)
STEP 4: Select option 3 (to check credit limit)

How to borrow money from MoKash

To borrow money from MoKash, follow the steps below;

STEP 1: Dial *165*5#
STEP 2: Select MoKash
STEP 3: Select Loans
STEP 4: Select Option 1, then go ahead and request a loan
STEP 5: Enter the amount you wish to borrow
STEP 6: Enter your pin to confirm