How to boot android into safe mode (and its uses)

Turn on/off android safe mode -
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In this article, we shall find out more about Android Safe mode and how actually you can boot your smartphone into safe mode. Safe mode is a great tool that allows you to figure out whether a third-party app is responsible for the problems you may be experiencing with your smartphone.

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Uses of android safe mode

Incase you want to disable an application which you have installed on your smartphone, but cannot do this directly, safe mode is the best option. Such an application maybe causing abnormal or unexpected behaviors which may affect your smartphone like random phone crashing, unauthorized phone restarting, ad pop-ups, unexpected overheating and many other activities.

What happens when you enable safe mode?

When you boot your device into safe mode, all third-party apps are disabled (those installed from other sources), while those that are pre-installed still work. The icons of these third-party apps are still viewed on the phone, but are blurred out and are not able to function.

If the issue you were experiencing goes away while in safe mode, you can be sure that one of the third-party apps is responsible for it.

While in Android Safe Mode, You can go to your phone settings, then go to apps and choose the app you want uninstalled.

Entering safe mode is an easy task to complete and won’t take more than a minute of your time. Below I wrote major and possible easy ways you can boot your device into safe mode

How to boot android into safe mode -

How to enable android safe mode

  • Long press the power off button as though to Turn off or Restart your smartphone
  • Depending on your smartphone, 3 options will be displayed (Power Off, Restart and Emergency Mode).
    [Check the screenshots below]
  • Long press the “Power Off” screen button
  • The Safe Mode button will display next.
  • Click on the Safe Mode option and your android safe mode option will be activated with the word Safe Mode displayed on your bottom left screen.
Boot your phone into android safe mode

How to disable Safe Mode on Android (4 ways)

1. Restart

Restarting your phone is the the simplest way to turn off safe mode on your Android device.

2. Using the Notifications Panel

If in any case the restart options fails to exit safe mode (however this is not regular), try your notification panel.

  • Pull down the notifications panel and press the Safe Mode button to turn it off.
  • NOTE: Some android smartphones don’t have this feature.

Some smartphones have the Safe Mode button on the Notifications Bar. Once clicked to disable, you should see the device automatically restarting to get out of safe mode.

3. Key Combinations (Power + Volume)

Sometimes, in order to make a trick work, you should combine multiple elements. The same thing works with turning off the safe mode in Android. Pressing the Power key together with the Volume rocker might be the help you need.

  • When you see the “Safe Mode: OFF” button, click it and turn off SAFE MODE successfully.

4. Cut Off All Power

If you still cannot turn off your Android’s Safe Mode, try this. The following method rules out any residual power remaining in your phone, as well as resetting the SIM card.

Take off the back case and remove the battery. Of course, this only works for phones with a removable battery.


We hope this article was helpful. Share with us your android safe mode experience below.

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