Block Specific Numbers from Calling or Texting You On Android (3 simple ways)

Block Specific Numbers Android -
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In this post, we talk about 3 Simple Easy Ways to Block Specific Numbers from Calling or Texting You On Android. The beauty of phones is that it connects us to lots and lots of people. We are able to learn from each other and also get to meet people we would not have even met had it not been through connections.

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But there are scenarios where a person with whom you won’t want to communicate or unknown contact keeps sending you messages you are not interested in. These could be marketers of products or just spammers. What do you do to solve these issues? The good ol’ block button to the rescue. Read on to find out how to block specific numbers on Android.

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3 Simple Easy Ways to Block Specific Numbers on Android from Calling or Texting You

a) Firstly, block specific numbers from the phone’s settings

  • Open your phone’s Settings menu
  • Look for Blocked numbers and select it
  • Tap on add number
  • Type the number you want to block and select Block.

Secondly, using the phone’s contact list

  • Open your phone’s contact list from your home screen
  • Click on the contact you want to block.
  • Tap the three-dotted menu button.
  • Tap Block from the list of options.

Thirdly, using the call log

  • Launch your Phone app from your phone’s home screen
  • From the list of recent calls, navigate to the number you want to block
  • Click on the number, or the avatar beside the number, or simply long-press the number to reveal the menu
  • Choose block number