Best Travel Apps in Nigeria for Travelers on Android and iOS

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Are you looking for easy ways to travel to and from Nigeria? Here are some recommended travel apps in Nigeria that you could use to get around the country.

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Gone are the days when traveling was a stressful experience both before leaving and after we arrived. And this is especially true when we travel long distances to places we are unfamiliar with. Everything has improved, and you can now go from Lagos to Abuja or from Nigeria to the United Kingdom and find yourself in the best places for convenience.

In this article, I’ll list the top travel apps in Nigeria. You can use these applications to find the best hotel to stay at, the best flight tickets, the best places to stay before booking a flight, and so on. Whether it’s in Nigeria or outside the country, they’ve got you covered.

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List of the Best Travel Apps in Nigeria for Android and iOS

1. Tripadvisor

An app like Tripadvisor should always be a priority before traveling because it has everything you need to plan a trip. Tripadvisor will recommend the best hotels in the locations you want to visit, as well as the cheapest flights and restaurants. If you’re looking for a great travel app, this is it.

Tripadvisor also has an online community where you can meet some of the world’s finest and most active travelers. It’s one of the top travel applications for Android and iOS users in Nigeria.


Whether it’s a business trip or a vacation, planning ahead of time using always seems better. By this I mean, you’ll receive the best pricing, locations, and flights to your selected destinations. has you covered for all of your travel needs.

With the app, you’ll notice that traveling has been simplified for you. With this app (on iOS or Android), you can travel and arrive conveniently inside or outside of the country. It’s one of Nigeria’s top travel applications.

3. TripIt

TripIt can be our travel planner in the same way that we engage event planners to handle schedules for our parties or any other large event. We can have all of our travel arrangements worked out while using this app. All you must do is email your flight, hotel, and car bookings to [email protected] and let them do the rest.

TripIt is simple to use, has ample features for all travelers, and is one of the best travel applications in Nigeria for both Android and iOS users. However, this app is better suited for trips outside of the country.

4. Kayak

Kayak is a well-organized travel app that will assist you in saving money during vacation preparations by assisting you in finding the best prices on travel and bookings. There’s more you can do with the Kayak app. You can hire other means of transportation, which is especially appreciated if you’re planning trips outside of the country.

Kayak is one of the best travel applications for Android and iOS users; it has a plethora of functions and is also highly user-friendly. It’s one of the travel applications you should have on hand.

5. Google Travel

While it does not have its own app, you can use Google Travel with Google Maps to find the best hotels, flights, bookings, and even rental vehicles. Google Travel is web-based, yet it functions exactly like any other application.

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That concludes our list of the best travel apps to consider when traveling in and outside of Nigeria. Please don’t forget to share with others on your social media platforms.