Best Smartphone Games You Should Probably Checkout.

Best Smartphone Games You Should Probably Checkout. - UgTechMag.Com
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No reason to be bored! Smartphone games have taken over. These games are not only mind games but also zombie makers. More than ever before are they being played. Smartphone users spend hours and hours glued to their phones. And most are free on the google play store.

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Gaming on mobile is getting better than ever. New games are released every day. Some even better versions of the existing games. Their irresistible charm sends you on a journey to wonderland. Unless you finish a level, you aren’t satisfied. They usually have many levels starting from easy-hard-difficult. 

They integrate a series of characters to make it more interesting. You unlock and upgrade various characters, complete quests, collect items, and power-ups, grab unique skins, find treasure, get coins and discover new locations. There are also guides to show you how to tackle a level.

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Here are the best games available right now. Some of these games are even available on PC and you can compete with consoles. The common games you could find on any android phone. Candy crush saga, Candy Sweet Garden, Word Scrapes, Talking Tom Cat, Bubble Shooter, Temple Run, Matatu, Ludo, Chess, Checkers, Real Bike Racing, Subway Princess Runner, Pooking, Bible Word Puzzle, Solitaire, Racing in Car, Shooting Ball, Block Puzzle, Subway Surfers, Fruit Fancy, Royal Match, Endless Run: Jungle Escape.

The classics; Call of Duty, Nintendo games, Pokemon Go, Genshin Impact, Minecraft, GRID Autosport, Sky: Children of Light, Stardew Valley, The Room Series, Square Enix games, Levelhead, Monument Valley 1 and 2.

In Uganda, the most common games on every phone are Candy Crash saga, bubble shooter, Temple Run, and Racing in Car. Every time someone is glued to their phone it is one of these games. They are addictive. You lose track of time. If you want a productive day, I advise you not to start with these games. But if you are bored to death, jump on it the first chance you get.

These games are also good when you have long days or waiting in line for a doctor’s appointment. However silly they may seem, they are appealing to the eye. They are everywhere blowing up phones.