Best 10 note taking apps for Android

note taking
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The average person has about 70,000 thoughts in a day. Some of these thoughts are great ideas you could work on to make your life more interesting and better, others are constant things your mind keeps bringing back for you to do them, but the time is not there so the thought vanishes.

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Wherever you are during the day, do not let that good thought slip away. Since you won’t have a pen and paper all the time, here is a list of the 10 best note-taking apps you could grab from the Google play store and start using to accomplish more productive tasks during your day:


Google Keep

google keep playstore listing

This fast-easy-to-use app was created by Google a few years back offering tools for taking notes including audio, text, images, and lists.

This app has an efficient interface that is easy to learn instantly and use. All the features are put out there visible to the naked eye so there is nothing out of reach.

To get it, all you have to do is open the google play store, find the Google Keep app, then tap the install button.

After doing all this, you can set instant reminders for your notes, make lists, label, color, pin notes, create and edit a note, save a drawing as a note, archive notes, and lists.


one note playstore listing

Although this app was created by Microsoft as part of the Office suite, it is also available in the Google Play store for download.

All you have to do is organize your thoughts, ideas and plan important moments in your life using this digital app.

One of the major features of this app is its ability to automatically backup data as you edit in real-time, meaning in case your data is lost, all you have to do is use the one-note website to log in and recover it, easy peasy :-).

To get started you can open your Play store, search for OneNote, then tap in the install button. After installation, you can open it, then start creating, editing, recording audio notes, screen clippings, pin notes all of which you can share with others over a network.


evernote playstore listing

With Evernote, you can store your favorite places, to-do lists, ideas, among others all in one place.

The cool thing about this app is its capability of synchronizing automatically across all your devices. This means when you edit a list using your phone and switch to using your tablet moments after, the tablet will be updated and will show your edited list.


notion playstore listing

This app is the best to use when you are part of a team. It has features that enable you to keep track of important notes during meetings, tasks to be accomplished, workflow et cetera.

You could also brainstorm content and share it with your team. Just like the rest, it can be downloaded for free from the Google Play store.

Dropbox Paper

dropbox paper playstore listing

Dropbox Paper is an app that comes in handy if you and your colleague are working on a project together where you can collaborate and share progress with one another.

It was majorly created with work teams as target users although an individual can always use it to jot down ideas and plan his day accordingly with ease.

It is also available on Apple devices asides from android.

Simple note

simple note playstore listing

As the name suggests, this app comes with simplicity. Easy to use and learn about its interface. It is fast in terms of responsiveness.

All you have to do is download and launch it and create as many notes as you desire and later come back to the app and pick up from where you left off.

It is available on iOS, Android, Ubuntu, windows and also has a web version in case you are not into apps and all.

Zoho notebook

zoho notebook playstore listing

What makes this app unique from the rest is it has different note formats that are enticing. It has a yellow card for text, red for audio notes of which each of these has its own format and features specifically for the purpose.

You can easily recover notes from trash, lock selected notes, change the color of your notebook, it’s the prettiest alternative to Evernote.


safe room playstore listing

Saferoom keeps your private data safe. It encrypts notes locally and can also work for Evernote notes with encryption.

it is a great app for people with sensitive information and plans. To get started open your store, search for a safe room, tap install, then open once the installation is complete, then open the app and start making your notes as you are encrypting them.

It is available on Windows, Android, macOS, and iOS.

Standard notes

standard notes playstore listing

Just like saferoom, this app takes security very seriously. It encrypts whatever you are typing automatically as each letter gets typed.

It also comes with a powerful code editor for those who love programming.


boostnote playstore listing

This app is great for developers with its speed, organization, and adaptability. Programmers are known for having one to many ideas, boost note is the go-to app for jotting down all those thoughts in an organized manner.