Best Money Saving Apps in Nigeria (Android & iOS)

Best Money Savings Apps in Nigeria (Android & iOS)
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Saving money has always been a habit for most Nigerians; remember when it was simply a little piggybank (AKA kolo) that most people used to save their money? But, with the rapid rise of Fintech Startups in Nigeria, a lot has become easier for Nigerians. If you’re seeking money-saving apps in Nigeria, I’ve compiled a list of the best money-saving apps in Nigeria for both Android and iOS.

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We no longer need to step into a banking hall to create a bank account since there are digital bank applications that we can install, sign up for, and have a bank account ready in minutes, and the same simple procedure applies to saving money. Rather than traveling to the bank or using the native piggybank, you can effortlessly save money by utilizing a money-saving app on your Android or iOS device.

In this post, you’ll learn about the best money-saving apps for Android and iOS, and how you can manage how your money is used with these apps. You’ll also get interest rates when you save money with these applications.

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List Of The Best Money-Saving Apps in Nigeria

1. PiggyVest

Best Money Saving Apps in Nigeria - PiggyVest app -

PiggyVest is one of the leading firms in Nigeria, enabling any Nigerian to easily save, invest, and grow their saving. It has been around for a long time and has helped many Nigerians save money in the most effective manner imaginable. PiggyVest allows you to save and invest, and they provide several saving strategies.

Their annual return rate on your money increases from 10% to 13%. This software offers a lot of options, and if you want to have target savings, SafeLock, or invest in dollars, the PiggyVest app can do it all. It’s one of the best money-saving apps in Nigeria and you can download it on Android and iOS.

2. Cowrywise

Best Money Saving Apps in Nigeria - Cowrywise app -

Cowrywise is another top money-saving app in Nigeria, and if you want to build a great financial future for yourself, this app (available for Android and iPhone users) is one of the best you can use. If you want to regulate your savings precisely and also enjoy a high interest rate when you save money, you can always trust Cowrywise. Cowrywise allows you to save in groups by inviting friends to a shared savings account.

Cowrywise is secure and trustworthy, and they also provide savings accounts such as Regular Savings, Halal Savings, and Saving Circles. You can set your saving circles to be daily, weekly, or monthly. Cowrywise is very good and one of the best money saving apps in Nigeria.

3. Crowdyvest

Best Money Saving Apps in Nigeria - Crowdyvest app -

Crowdyvest is yet another money-saving app in Nigeria; it’s simple to use, safe, and secure, and its savings plan is among the best available. Crowdyvest’s interest rate is one of the highest among the money-saving apps I’ve used, with rates ranging from 12% to 15% per year, and their saving plans make it simple to determine how you want your money to be used in the future. Pace, for example, allows you to save for a specific amount under 3 months and more, and you’ll be granted a high-interest rate when you’re ready to utilize your money.

Crowdyvest is a top money-saving app in Nigeria; you can find it on the Google Play Store or the Apple Store; it’s extremely simple to use and a savings app with excellent interest and savings programs. It’s a great money-saving app for both Android and iOS.

4. Kuda MFB

Best Money Saving Apps in Nigeria - Kuda MFB -

Kuda is a popular digital banking app in Nigeria, and the Kuda MFB is one of the best digital banks in Nigeria, making it simple to move money and pay bills. You can use the Kuda app to make up to 25 free transfers to other banks, as well as pay your phone bill, power bill, television bill, and many more expenses. Customers can also save money and earn a fixed interest rate by using the Kuda app.

When you open a Flexible Savings account with Kuda, you can earn up to 10% interest, and you can earn up to 15% interest when you open a Fixed Savings account. You can also request a debit card to make payments online and shop on websites.

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5. V by VFD

Best Money Saving Apps in Nigeria - V by VFD -

V by VFD is a great digital banking app and one of the best around. You can get limitless free transfers from them, and they also offer good customer service that responds and solves problems when you contact them. You can also create a savings account with V by VFD and get a high-interest rate on your money; they offer two saving plans, and you can open a Target Savings Account or a Fixed Deposit Account.

V by VFD is a very good savings app and one of the best money-saving apps in Nigeria; you can download their app on Android and iOS. V by VFD is one of the best apps to use if you want to make the most use of your money through saving.


It’s always vital to save money, not just for the present but also for the future, and with these money-saving apps have been around for a long time now, you can do so and your money will be saved as well as giving a boost owing to the interest rates you’ll be receiving from time to time.