Best Mini Projector under $100 2020 – Trusted Buyers Review

best Mini Projector under $100
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Are you looking for a budget Mini Projector?

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This article has got you covered with a list of the top 10 best Mini Projectors under $100. Mini projectors are very flexible thus you can easily carry them with much ease, we can’t also forget that they are also affordable to purchase.

If you still remember those old-fashioned projectors your teacher used to carry in class to share slide notes, well the world has changed a lot today. A new class of smaller, smarter projectors has moved in that makes projecting notes, movies, photos, and presentations a breeze.

Mini projectors come in different sizes, from pico to palmtop and up, and provide a variety of features that make them perfect for home theater enthusiasts, on-the-go business presenters and just everything you can imagine.

However, if your intention was getting a bigger projector, then expect it to be at least above $500. Most of these Mini projectors under $100 have got less or more similar features than the big projectors.

Best Mini projectors under $100 2020

Just a few years ago, no one thought of having a projector small enough to carry in their bags, let alone in the pocket. Now with the existence of Pico or pocket projectors, it is possible for you to project your slides and video anywhere you go.

Not only that, but portable projectors encompass a surprisingly wide range in size, brightness, and features. Here, we will help you find the best Mini projectors under $100, as well as highlight our favorite models and features.

Elephas 1200 lumens LED$79.99SEE IT
Ohderii Mini $79.94SEE IT
RAGU Z400$84.99SEE IT
DR.J Mini Projector$99.89SEE IT
Cheerlux Mini$83.99SEE IT
QKK 2200 Lumen Mini$89.99SEE IT
Vamvo mini$99.9SEE IT
Tenker Q5$41.11SEE IT
POYANK 2000 Lumens$72.99SEE IT

Best Budget: Elephas 1200 lumens LED mini portable projector ($79.99)

best budget mini projector Elephas

Elaphas 1200 lumens LEB mini portable projector is one of the best mini projectors under $100 on our list. The mini projector has got a native resolution of 800 X 480, you can increase it to a full HD but you’ll lose some quality as its not the native resolution.

One thing we liked about the mini projector is its variety of connectivity options, it has got two USB ports (including a 5V port), one HDMI port, a 3.5mm audio port, an AV port, and an SD card slot.

At such a price, the mini projector has got pretty decent speakers, however, if you’re able we recommend using dedicated speakers via audio jack rather than native ones.

The portable projector does not make unnecessary noise which makes it rather preferred for watching movies.  If you’re worried about buying a budget mini projector, its 12-month warranty and two-month hassle-free return/replace policy should let you rest with ease.


  • has pretty decent speakers
  • 12-month warranty and two-month hassle-free return/replace policy
  • has great connectivity options


  • lose some quality when scaling to Full HD

Best For Home Theaters :  Ohderii Mini Projector LED Video Projector ($79.94 ) .

With a native resolution of 800 x 480p , the Ohderii 1800 lumens LED mini portable projector might not be the best mini projector under $100 you can buy, but it’s certainly one of the best budget one .

The projector connects with ease to other devices such Laptop , PC , DVD player , Blue-Ray disk and others with the projector via HDMI cable . The projector screen size is between 28 – 180 inches .

One positive thing , this projector has got a pretty decent speaker , thus you don’t need to buy an additional speaker as it has built in one .  It’s also surprisingly quiet , which makes it preferred for doing things like watching movies .


  • Comes with inbuilt speakers
  • doesn’t make noise
  • Easily connects with several gadgets


  • loose its quality beyond the native resolution

Best for Home Theaters: DBPOWER T21 Mini Projector ($97.52) Home Theater mini projector

DB Power T21 mini projector

Let’s be frank , home theaters are all about impressing family , friends and neighbors , If that’s right , you’ll need DBPower T21  Home theater mini projector to achieve this .

The mini projector  boasts brightness of 1500 lumens that provide vivid and clear image quality . With a projection size of 32-176 inches at a projection distance of 1.5-5 m, you will get an awesome home entertainment experience. The supported resolutions are 1080P or 720P. And the lamp life 50,000 hours means you will get years of use from this projector.

The mini projector can be connected to smartphones , tablet or iPad touch by using USB cable directly . You do not need a Wi-Fi environment or HDMI adapter.

The projector is not recommended for the office or PPT presentation. It’s also Equipped with a powerful noise-reducing double copper tube cooling system, it provides great heat dissipation, and the fan noise is lower than the other comparable LED mini projectors .


  • Compatible with a number of devices
  • Less noise
  • Smooth & clear images


  • not good for office or PPT presentation

Best Home Theater: RAGU Z400 Mini Projector ($84.99) 

The mini projector is preferred for home theaters entertainment , watching movies and others . The projector provides 70% more brightness of 1600 lumens than other similar projectors providing crystal clear and lifelike images with rich details when watching movies .

The portable projector has got a native resolution of 800x480p , this certainly makes it worthy your dollars . It has also got an excellent large screen size  from 50” to 130” with 5ft to 13ft projection distance, the recommended screen size is 100” with projection distance of 8ft .

It’s also surprisingly quiet, which makes watching movies much easier. If you’re wary of buying a budget projector, its 12-month warranty and two-month hassle-free return/replace policy should let you rest easy.


  • No noise
  • 12 month warranty
  • Clear crystal images
  • large screen size


  • native resolution doesn’t scale to Full HD

Best for Home Entertainment : DR.J Mini Projector LED Full HD Video Projector 1080P ($99.89)

DR.J Mini projector

Sure , it’s the most expensive mini projector on this list , however DR.J projector is worth that price . The LED projector boasts a native resolution of 840 X 480 pixels and can upscale video content to 1920*1080 .

With 2000 lumens, it yields high color accuracy and produces a beautiful, bright picture. The projector has got an aspect Ratio: 4:3/16:9, Contrast Ratio: 2000:1, Lamp lifetime: 40000 hours, Watching Size: 32”-176” with projector distance 1.5m-5m.

The DR.J mini projector connects well to a number of devices such as TV Box, Amazon Fire TV Stick, ChromeBook, PCs, Laptops, Tablets, Blue-ray DVD player, SD Card, USB Flash Drive, Media players (Music, Pictures, Video, TXT), iPad, iPhone, Android Smartphones ( Wireless HDMI Dongle not included).

DR.J LED projector is great for home theater, movies & video games. Don’t recommend for PPT presentations . If you’re worried of buying budget device , the projector comes with 3-YEAR WARRANTY that will put you to rest .


  • Variety of compatible devices
  • Ideal Choice for home entertainment
  • 3 year warranty


  • Not recommended for PPT presentation

Cheerlux Mini Projector Support Wifi Wireless Airplay ($83.99)

Cheerlux c6 Mini projector

Cheerlux Mini Wireless Projector C6 has best Projection size is 30’’-84’’ support 120’’, LED lighting and dual fan cooling system technology lasts long -time life about 50,000 hours .

For a cost-effective option without spending a fortune on an entertainment system, the C6 wireless mini projector is your best bet. It comes with two connection modes i.e Wired and Wireless ,total 2 modes .

The C6 mini projector has got a built-in speaker with a 3.5 mm headphone jack which can empower you to wear earbuds, or connect to a larger sound system.

The projector is compatible with a number of devices such as connect with HDMI Port to computer , laptop , tv set box , game devices like xbox one , psp , wii ,DVD ,Blu-ray , home theater systems . also able to connect by MHL to smart phone and pad /tablet .

C6 wireless projector can wireless screen share with your iphone / ipad by airplay and your android phone by DLNA or mirror screen function , you can also connect USB disk directly to mini projector . You will get 1 year warrant for the parts .


  • 1 year warrant
  • Built in speakers
  • Supports several devices


  • not support ppt & word

QKK 2200 Lumen Mini Projector, Full HD LED Video Projector 1080P ($89.99)

QKK mini projector

If you’ve a family and always watch movies together , QKK mini projector is perhaps perfect fit for you . The projector is worth your dollars , it has got great movie quality and the same quality as more expensive projectors .

The mini projector has got a high native resolution and supports 1920*1080 resolution with 50,000 hours long term lamp life, 2000:1 contrast ratio, 16::9 aspect ratio, 32-176” big screen display at the distance of 1.5M-5M. ( Ideal distance is 3.5M with 120” display.)

QKK projector is designed for both indoor and outdoor movies in dark. You will surely enjoy your happiness movie night with your family . The projector has got two USB ports which means you can insert two USB flash disks at the same time .

QKK full hd projector also has HDMI, AV, VGA, SD Card port, which allows you to use it with Laptop, PCs, TV Box, Amazon Fire TV Stick, ChromeBook, Tablets, Blue-ray DVD player, SD Card, USB Flash Drive, Media players (Music, Pictures, Video), iPad, iPhone, Android Smartphones ( Wireless HDMI Dongle not included).

This projector is easy to use and has HDMI input that connects easily with any computer. It’s very handy and has a small tripod that makes it easier to hold the projector. I highly recommend this product.


  • Two USB ports
  • Supports several devices
  • High native resolution


  • not support ppt & word

Smartphone Projector for iPhone Android Tablet, Vamvo Mini Portable Video Projector 1080P ($99.9)

Vamvo mini projector

If you like playing mobile games with your team mates or friends , i recommend you get yourself Vamvo mini projector to share your mobile game instantly when connected . This is an Ideal projector to replace your team’s small screens with bigger projection parallel on the same wall .

best mini projector under 100

The mini projector has got Portable design, easy to carry. It provides you with a wide viewing area for backyard party , camping or live sports streaming . It also provides clearer and brighter images at high resolutions projection .

The Vamvo Home Theater YG510 projector supports 1080P, a contrast of 1000:1, and has a built-in stereo speaker. This Home Theater Projector is compatible with: iPhones, iPads, Android devices, laptops, PCs, MacBook, XBOX, PS3/PS4, DVDs, Headphones, TV, TV boxes, and more! There is no need to buy extra adapter .

Vamvo Home theater projector provides 24 month warranty and 3 month money refund policy . I think that’s enough to let you give it a shot .


  • 24 month warranty and 3 month refund policy
  • Duplicate your Smartphone Screen instantly
  • in built stereo speakers
  • Good for mobile gaming



TENKER Q5 LED Mini Movie Projector Support 1080P ($41.11)

Tenker Q5 mini projector

If you’re looking for an affordable home entertainment mini movie projector , Tenker Q5 is your perfect bet .This smart-looking projector has got 1500 lumens which is bright and sharp enough to provide you with an excellent home cinema experience .

Contrary to it’s size you would be fooled not to think that this mini projector actually  boasts a huge projection size . It has a 35-100-inch projection display size with a 1.15 to 3m projection distance! We recommend a projection distance of about 2m for a better experience .

This cinema projector supports an array of connections with PCs, laptops, games consoles, TF cards (max 64GB), USB drives, smartphones & tablets. It’s also surprisingly quiet which  translates into less distraction when viewing movies or playing games. If you’re wary of buying a budget device, its 36-month warranty and two-month hassle-free return/replace policy should let you rest easy.


  • 36 month warranty
  • It’s quiet – doesn’t make noise
  • supports an array of devices


  • does not include WiFi display dongle
  • not recommended PPTs or business presentations

POYANK 2000 Lumens Mini Projector- 50,000 Hours LED Projector ($72.99)

Poyank 200 lumen mini projector

Poyank projector owns 2000 lumen brightness, works great for indoor and outdoor movies, best to work in dark, and does not recommend for PPTs and business presentations.

If you’re a gamer ,  Poyank portable projector works great with video games like PS3, PS4, WII, XBOX .It can also work with PCs, laptops, blue-ray DVD players, TV box, Amplifier, Amazon Fire TV Stick, Chromecast. You can use a lightning to HDMI adapter to connect our projector to your iPhone, iPad. For android smartphones, you need to use a wireless HDMI dongle to connect.

The mini projector has got a native resolution of 800 * 480 and supports resolution up to 1920*1080 .  The contrast ratio is 2000:1. Aspect Ratio is 4:3/16:9. 480P, 720P, 1080P are all supported. If you’re scared of buying budge devices , the portable projector comes with 3 year warrant , so you should be at ease making a decision .


  • 3 year warrant
  • Quality resolution


  • does not support PPT or business presentation


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