Best Mifi data bundles for MTN, Airtel & Africell

Best Mifi data bundles Uganda
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In order to enjoy your internet browsing experience, buying a mifi in Uganda is an option you should consider. However, to keep connected to the internet, not every data bundle is best for your MiFi data bundle.

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We have listed out best mifi data bundles to buy for Airtel, MTN and Africell. These include Monthly and Weekly data bundles. The smaller daily data bundles might not work best for your mifi, but if all fails, then you can also buy those.

We also have included how to buy a data bundle for your Mifi, without removing your sim card.

In case you haven’t yet considered the best MiFi to buy in Uganda, here is a buyer’s guide showing you a list of different mifis in Uganda and what you should consider before buying one.

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Mifis usually consume data automatically due to software updates, so you should buy a bundle enough to sustain these updates. Your small daily bundle might not serve you well.

Airtel MiFi Bundles Uganda

Airtel Uganda has a list of MiFis which come with FREE data bundles. You can find them here.

Here is a list of best airtel mifi data bundles you can buy. These are not limited to only mifis. You can buy any airtel data bundle for your MiFi, however, we sorted out the best mifi data bundles in terms of cost and size.

Airtel mifi bundles uganda

ValidityAirtel Data BundlesPrice (UGX)
Here is a list of Airtel Mifi bundles that we think can work best for you.

You can also buy Airtel Night data bundles for your MiFi.

For a full list of Airtel data bundles, click here.

How to buy a data bundle for your Airtel MiFi

So as to buy a data bundle for your mifi without removing the sim card, first ensure that it is connected to your laptop or phone.

  1. Check the back of your mifi and get the website IP address
  2. Copy it into the URL bar in your browser
  3. Enter your password (The initial password is “admin”, you can change it after)
  4. Click on Home
  5. Select Manage account on the side menu
  6. Click on the Buy Airtime and Data button
  7. Choose validity (Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly or Yearly)
  8. Then select the Data Bundle of your choice
  9. Select One time or Auto-renewal
  10. Proceed to make payment

How to buy Airtel MiFi data bundles using the MyAirtel App

  1. Open My Airtel App
  2. Tap Recharge button
  3. Enter MiFi number & tap Next
  4. Enter the amount to recharge
  5. Confirm the transaction and you’ll receive confirmation SMS

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How to buy Airtel MiFi bundles using Data Gifting

  • Dial *175#
  • Select option 6 (Gifting)
  • Select Validity of bundle (Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Wifi indoor and more)
  • Enter the phone number of your mifi sim card
  • Proceed to allow payments

Here is a quick YouTube guide on how to buy an airtel mifi data bundle

MTN MiFi Data Bundles Uganda

MTN Uganda also has a list of data bundles which you can buy for your MiFi.

These are not only specific to MTN Mifis, you can actually buy any MTN data bundle you want for your Mifi.

This is our selection of the best MTN Uganda Mifi data bundles.

MTN Mifi Data Bundles

ValidityMTN Data BundlesPrice (UGX)
Daily (24Hrs)1GB5,000/-
MTN Unlimited Monthly
MTN Unlimited Monthly (PREMIUM)Unlimited330,000
Here is a list of MTN Mifi bundles that we think can work best for you.

How to buy data bundle for MTN Mifi

Buy data for MTN Mifi without removing sim card

  • Check the back of your mifi and get the website IP address
  • Copy it into the URL bar in your browser
  • Enter your user name and password (The initial user name and password is “admin”)
  • The browser will be redirected to MTN data purchase portal


  • Dial *160*8*3#
  • Enter your mifi number
  • Proceed to buy device specific bundles

Using the MTN MoMo app

  • Select Data bundles option
  • Choose buy for other
  • Input your MTN MiFi sim card number
  • Choose the bundle of your choice
  • Proceed to make payment using MTN Mobile Money

Using MTN data gifting USSD codes

  • Dial *150#
  • Select Mobile internet
  • Choose buy for another
  • Input MTN MiFi phone number
  • Then select bundle and proceed to make payment

Africell Uganda MiFi Bundles

Best mifi data bundles Uganda

Africell Uganda also offers a list of mifis, which come with FREE data bundles. Africell has a list of juicy data bundles you can bank on for all your browsing needs. There are no mifi specific data bundles, however, here are the best we think you should try out based on Price and Quantity.

Africell Mifi Data Bundles

ValidityAfricell Data BundlesPrice
Day Unlimited20,000/-
Here is a list of Africell Mifi Data Bundles we think are best for you

You can buy Africell data bundles for your mifi using the Africell online web portal. You do not have to remove your sim card from your mifi. Here is a guide to help you.

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We have selected the bundles we think can work best for your mifi, so that you don’t have to worry about consecutive data depletions. There are no Mifi data bundles particular for most of these devices. What data bundle works for your mifi? Share with us in the comments below.