Best books to learn Kotlin programming language .

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In 2017 at Google IO event, Google announced its official support for  Kotlin as its official android development language .

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This announcement left speculations among the developer’s community , most of them thought this may be the end of Java monopoly .

This article is going to introduce you to some of the best kotlin books to learn programming for both beginners and professional programmers .

We know that since the introduction of kotlin , a lot of beginners and programmers are looking for viable resources to get started.

Kotlin was created by JetBrains seven years ago , the programming language gained acceptance among the developer´s community due to the simplification of its code lines; it is considered by many to be more understandable than Java without having to sacrifice performance, for instance.

To put all that a side, if you’ve been looking for some of the best books to learn kotlin, this article is going to help you choose one .

Most of these kotlin books will help you learn the language , introduce you to some of the basics of this language .

If you’re into android development or perhaps you don’t have prior knowledge in java , don’t worry, the books will help you get started and teach you up to a professional level .

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Best Kotlin Books to learn programming 2018 (beginners & experienced programmers )

Kotlin in Action – learn kotlin for production-quality application

Kotlin in Action

Kotlin in Action is kotlin book written for experienced java developers of all category .

The book goes further than most kotlin books , covering interesting topics like building DSLs with natural language syntax.

The authors are core Kotlin developers, so you can trust that even the gnarly details are dead accurate.

Kotlin is fun and easy to learn if you have this book . The book comprises important topics such as Functional programming on the JVM , Writing clean and idiomatic code , Combining Kotlin and Java and Domain-specific languages .

Kotlin in Action was written by Dmitry Jemerov and Svetlana Isakova both of which are experienced  Kotlin developers at JetBrains.

Who is eligible to read this book ?

Book is originally written to help experienced java developers .

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Kotlin for android developers – Learn Kotlin the easy way while developing an Android App

Kotlin for android developers

Kotlin for android developers is another kotlin book great for programmers who want to develop android applications.

Thanks to this book, if you get one , be assured to start writing kotlin code in no time . The book is straight to the point and full of practical examples that will help you learn the language while developing an Android App .

This book is not meant to be a language reference, but a tool for Android developers to learn Kotlin easily and be able to continue with their own projects by themselves.

The book is very practical, so it is recommended to follow the examples and the code in front of a computer and try everything it’s suggested. You could, however, take a first read to get a broader view before diving into practice .

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Programming Kotlin

best books to learn kotlin

The book starts with introduction to kotlin that will show you all its features and enable you write kotlin code to production .

The book starts with the basic concepts such as  get you familiar with running Kotlin code, setting up tools, and instructions that you can use to write basic programs.

Next, you’ll learn object oriented code: functions, lambdas, and properties  all while using Kotlin’s new features.

Then, you’ll be introduced to null safety aspects and type parameterization. You’ll also learn how to restructure expressions and even write your own. Other interesting topics you’ll learn include testing, concurrency, micro services, and a whole lot more.

By the end of this book you will be able to compose different services and build your own applications.

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Modern Web Development with Kotlin

best books to learn kotlin

Are you interested in developing for the web using kotlin, then this book will be a lot more helpful .

The book concentrates practical aspects of using the language to develop web applications .

In particular, the kotlin book guides you through the process of building a technology-packed Web application while using popular backend and frontend technologies.

Fundamental Kotlin

Fundamental Kotlin

Fundamental Kotlin is a book focused on Kotlin programming language and it’s comparison to Java.

This book is focused on language’s most important features and aspects.The Book doesn’t go in too much theory since it’s focused on exact examples with notes and code provided.

This book is for developers and for people who are on their way to become developers ( beginners ). It is essential to have at least some basic knowledge of computer programming, especially of Java.

Fundamental Kotlin is imagined as guide to Kotlin for developers who spent some time on Java powered projects but it is not mandatory. If you were programming for some time, it should be easy for you to follow this book.

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Reactive Programming in Kotlin

Reactive Programming kotlin book

This book will help you Learn how to implement Reactive Programming paradigms with Kotlin, and apply them to web programming with Spring Framework 5.0 and in Android Application Development.

This book is helpful to Kotlin developers who would like to build fault-tolerant , scalable, and distributed systems. A basic knowledge of Kotlin is required, but no prior knowledge of reactive programming.

The book comprises interesting topics such as Integrate Reactive Kotlin with Spring and build fantastic Android Apps with RxKotlin and RxAndroid , Learn how to solve blocking user experience with Reactive Programming and get deep insights into RxKotlin, Build reactive architectures that reduce complexity throughout the development process and make your apps(web and Android) scalable .

You’ll learn the following from Reactive Programming Kotlin Book :-


  • Use the reactor-kotlin extension
  • Use Spring Framework 5.0 with Kotlin
  • Learn about reactive programming paradigms and how reactive programming can improve your existing projects
  • Use RxKotlin with Android
  • Use testSubscriber to test RxKotlin applications
  • Build Rest APIs with Spring,Hibernate, and RxKotlin
  • Create your own custom operators in RxKotlin
  • Gain in-depth knowledge in RxKotlin 2.0 and the ReactiveX Framework
  • Use backpressure management and Flowables

By the end of the book, you will be able to build real-world applications with reactive user interfaces as well as you’ll learn to implement reactive programming paradigms in Android.

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Kotlin Blueprints: A practical guide to building industry-grade web, mobile, and desktop applications in Kotlin using frameworks such as Spring Boot and Node.js

Kotlin blueprints kotlin book

In this Kotlin book, you’ll learn how to create a social media app aggregator will help you efficiently track various feeds, develop a geo spatial webservice with Kotlin and Spring Boot, build responsive web applications with Kotlin, build a REST API for a news feed reader, and build a server-side chat application with Kotlin.

The book also covers various frameworks and libraries used in the project . Through the course of using this book, you’ll not only get to grips with the various features of Kotlin, but you’ll also discover how to design and prototype professional-grade applications.

What you will learn from the book :-


  • Learn how Kotlin can generate Javascript and how this can be used on client side and server side development
  • Write rich desktop applications in Kotlin
  • See how Kotlin’s power and versatility make it a great choice to create applications across various platforms, and how it delivers business and technology benefits
  • Write a robust web applications using Kotlin with Spring Boot
  • Understand how native applications can be written with Kotlin/Native
  • Write Android applications with ease using Kotlin
  • Learn the practical aspects of programming in each of the applications

This practical guide is helpful for those who are familiar with kotlin . The book will help you put your knowledge to work . If you want to learn programming practicing is a must .

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The Joy of Kotlin

Joy of kotlin kotlin book

The Joy of Kotlin teaches readers the right way to code in Kotlin. This kotlin book covers everything needed to master the Kotlin language while exploring coding techniques that will make readers better developers no matter what language they use .

This book will change the way you code and give you back some of the joy you had when you first started learning to code with kotlin . The book takes you deep into using kotlin in real world , you’ll learn to handle errors and data properly, encapsulate shared state mutations, and work with laziness.

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Functional Kotlin

best kotlin books

This book allows you to learn how to apply functional programming with real world projects . Functional programming makes your application faster, improves performance, and increases your productivity. This book will cover the A-Z of functional programming in Kotlin.

This book also bridges the language gap for Kotlin developers by showing you how to create and consume functional constructs in Kotlin. The book will take you through lambdas, pattern matching, immutability, and help you develop a deep understanding of the concepts and practices of functional programming.

If you want learn to address problems using Recursion, Koltin has support for it as well. You’ll also learn how to use the funKtionale library to perform currying and lazy programming and more.

Finally, you’ll learn functional design patterns and techniques that will make you a better programmer.By the end of the book, you will be more confident in your functional programming skills and will be able to apply them while programming in Kotlin.

Here is what you’ll learn:-


  • Discover the Coroutines in Kotlin
  • Uncover Using Monads with funkTionale
  • Learn the Concepts of Functional Programming with Kotlin
  • Discover Stream Processing
  • Learn Monads, Functiors and Applicatives
  • Uncover Using funkTionale plugin
  • Combine Functional Programming with OOP and Reactive Programming
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Mastering Android Development with Kotlin

Mastering Android Development with Kotlin Book

This is another book to learn kotlin, the book starts by giving you a strong grasp of Kotlin’s features in the context of Android development and its APIs.

Moving on, you’ll take steps toward building stunning applications for Android. The book will show you how to set up the environment, and the difficulty level will grow steadily with the applications covered in the upcoming chapters.

Later on, the book will introduce you to the Android Studio IDE, which plays an integral role in Android development.

You’ll use Kotlin’s basic programming concepts such as functions, lambdas, properties, object-oriented code, safety aspects, type parameterization, testing, and concurrency, which will guide you through writing Kotlin code into production. Lastly you’ll learn how to integrate Kotlin into any existing Android project.

What you will learn

  • Adjust your application’s look and feel
  • Know how to persist and share application database
  • Work with Services and other concurrency mechanisms
  • Write effective tests
  • Understand the basics of Android development with Kotlin
  • Get to know the key concepts in Android development
  • See how to create modern mobile applications for the Android platform
  • Migrate an existing Java-based project to Kotlin

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So those are some of the best books to learn kotlin and understand how simple it is to learn and program  . If you’re serious about becoming a professional android or kotlin developer , I recommend you get yourself a copy of the book .