Best Internet Service Providers in Nigeria – 2024

Best Internet Service Providers Nigeria -
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It might be annoying when you try to access a webpage, stream a video, or simply download a small file and your internet connection is extremely poor and your connectivity is lagging. Today, the importance of connecting with people and businesses via the internet cannot be overstated, which is why ISPs exist to assist in delivering the necessary network service to access the internet for social networking, business, schoolwork, or any other purpose that people require the internet for.

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This article discusses some of the best internet service providers in Nigeria you should consider. Our list of the Best Internet Service Providers (ISPs) in 2024 includes organizations that provide fiber, cable, microwave, and other services.

What is an ISP? An Internet service provider (ISP) is a company that offers services for accessing, using, or browsing the Internet. Internet service providers give online access to a range of technologies, speeds, and pricing. This means that subscribers will have a lot of options to choose from.

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List of Best Internet Service Providers in Nigeria

All providers are ranked based on their Speed Score, which takes into account each provider’s download and upload speed to determine network performance (90 percent of the final Speed Score is attributed to download speed and the remaining 10 percent to upload speed because online experiences are typically more affected by download speed).

According to Speedtest Intelligence, ipNX was the fastest fixed broadband provider in Nigeria in Q1 2022, with a median download speed of 21.34 Mbps.

Top 10 ISPs NigeriaMedian Download Speed Mbps
SWIFT Networks6.71Mbps

ipNX – Best Internet Service Providers Nigeria

In terms of broadband internet speed, this is Nigeria’s fastest and best Internet Service Providers. The Lagos-based telecommunications company was created in 2003 and offers a wide variety of goods and services. ipNX provides FTTH and FTTB solutions. Residential fiber options range from N12,900 per month for 8Mbps to N62,350 per month for 75Mbps and include a free phone line.

FTTB solutions are geared at SMEs, with prices ranging from N10,750 per month for 20Mbps with a ceiling of 40GB to N161,250 for 50Mbps with a cap of 2000GBs. For all residential and commercial choices, a modem cost of N16,125 is included.

ipNX is also the most reliable ISP and has the lowest latency. 


Spectranet, situated in Lagos, was granted a license by the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) in 2009. The services offered by Spectranet span from FTTH subscriptions to mobile data, business solutions, and even individual modems.

Spectranet provides FTTH plans ranging from N18,425 for unlimited 10Mbps access to N28,665 for 20Mbps access.


KKONTechnologies, located in Lagos, was founded in 2005 as an Open Access Network (OAN) provider specializing on Fiber-to-the-Business (FTTB).

According to KKONTech, it offers scalable and adaptable bandwidth ranging from 1Mbps to 1Gbps, depending on the needs of particular enterprises.


Tizeti’s primary goal is to provide “fast and affordable” broadband internet to private houses, companies, events, and conferences. The firm distributes Wi-Fi hotspots to public spaces in Nigeria where people assemble and work through its Express Wi-Fi services.

Express Wi-Fi rates start at N50 per day for 100MBs and go up to N8000 per month for 50GBs.


Globacom Limited is a Nigerian multinational telecommunications company that was created in 2003. Glo announced over 100 million users in 2018, making it the country’s second-largest network provider at the time.

Glo provides a diverse selection of goods, ranging from mobile data to cloud storage options. Its data plans vary from N50 for 50MBs to N100,000 for 1TB with a one-year contract.

MTN Nigeria

MTN Nigeria, the Nigerian subsidiary of the South African telecom giant, provides data for personal or commercial usage.

Data plans range from N50 for 40MB to N10,000 for 40GB.

Swift Networks

SWIFT Networks Limited is a Nigerian facility-based telecom company that was created in 2002. The business provides broadband internet, VPN services, web and email hosting, and other services.

SWIFT’s unlimited wifi and fiber services start at N19,460 for 5Mbps and go up to N32,000 for 15Mbps. A N40,000 one-time setup fee is included.


Airtel Networks Limited, based in Lagos, is one of the country’s largest telecommunications companies. Ths is one of the top three mobile service providers in terms of users, having more than 50 million customers as of December 2019.

The charges for users are N5000 for 15GB bundles and N100,000 for 1TB packages.

Cobranet Ltd

Since its inception in 2003, Cobranet Limited has been a significant Nigerian internet service and data provider. Corporate internet plans for organizations and medium-sized enterprises, as well as personal plans, are available from the provider.

Residential Fibre-to-the-Home (FTTH) UGO Fibre Plans start at N9000 for 40GB and go up to N20,000 for 240GB lines. Availability is determined by the extent of fiber coverage.

On its fiber, Cobranet provides a minimum speed of 512Kbps.


Smile Communications offers 4G LTE mobile broadband to a number of African nations, including Nigeria, Tanzania, and Uganda. The company debuted SuperClear phone, video, and SMS services over LTE in 2016, allowing consumers to use a single data bundle for both SuperFast internet and SuperClear call services.

The firm provides a wide range of data services as well as fixed internet devices. Its data plans start at N300 for flexible mobile data plans and go up to N36,000 for unlimited monthly data bundles with speeds of up to 21Mbps.


We hope this blog has been helpful, and that you can now choose from our list one of the best internet service providers in Nigeria. Share with us your experience with any of the service providers listed above or others you think are worth making it to the list.