Best Email Desktop Apps for a Quick Reply In 2024

Email Deskop Apps
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What are the Best Email Desktop Apps? The answer to this question will depend on what you consider the most important features to have in your desktop email app, but these are all apps that should be considered. In no particular order, let’s take a look at the different choices available and why they might be worth your time and money.

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Microsoft Outlook

Best Email Desktop Apps for a Quick Reply In

If you’re using Microsoft Office at work, Outlook is likely built into your system. It is one of those rare email desktop apps that has survived through decades with minimal change, which is not always a good thing. For example, it still does not support multiple accounts as Gmail or iCloud accounts do. That said, there are benefits to sticking with Outlook including powerful scheduling and task features.

You can also use Outlook on all your devices, so if you have an iPhone and an Android phone, they will sync together. The downside? While Outlook works well enough on Windows computers, its mobile versions aren’t nearly as reliable as third-party alternatives such as Apple Mail or Airmail Still, if you’re already in Microsoft’s ecosystem, then it might be worth giving Outlook a try.


Best Email Desktop Apps for a Quick Reply In

Getting back to emails while away from your computer should not be as complicated as figuring out how to fly there. Whether you need to respond right away or have time to craft something more thoughtful, Mailbird can help. This email app lets you switch between multiple accounts, view documents and attachments on all platforms, organize your inbox with filters and folders, and set up push notifications for when you get an important message.

It has built-in Google Drive integration so you can create docs from within Mailbird and then access them offline or in another app. It also allows you to directly schedule meetings from emails.

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eM Client

Best Email Desktop Apps for a Quick Reply In

While most email clients have gotten better about incorporating chat and collaboration features, it is still fairly easy to be left waiting on someone else to respond. For enterprises wanting more streamlined communication options, eM Client is an Outlook add-on that lets teams create channels within their inboxes.

Each channel can hold its own set of emails and files, so everything stays nicely organized in one place. Channels can also be branded with their own icons and color schemes, which makes them easy to spot at a glance. It even integrates voice messaging capabilities and screen sharing into your inbox, so you can solve problems while they’re still fresh in your mind instead of having to schedule follow-up calls or chats.


Best Email Desktop Apps for a Quick Reply In

You may need to wait another year or two for an email to become a thing of the past, but if you’re looking to get ahead in your job and build your professional reputation now, you’ll want an email client that lets you quickly send replies without requiring sign-in. Try Hiri (Windows only). This app syncs with your Gmail account and allows you to craft responses offline.

For example, if your boss sends an email on Friday night while you’re at home working on weekends, it is easy to respond without requiring access to their inbox. That makes it easier to stay caught up on what is going on in various projects and eventually get ahead of schedule by having messages ready before they are even due.


Best Email Desktop Apps for a Quick Reply In

No longer included in default Ubuntu installations, Thunderbird still boasts one of the most powerful and configurable email clients available. While it doesn’t provide all of Gmail’s advanced features, it’s also not as complex or daunting to new users as Microsoft Outlook is. For many people, Thunderbird provides exactly what they need without complication.

The main downside is that since Thunderbird isn’t part of an operating system, it requires an installation on each computer you use but in exchange, it gives users almost total control over how their mail interface looks and works. It also means that you won’t get all your email services from Google. If privacy is important to you and your contact list doesn’t run exclusively through Gmail or Outlook accounts, consider looking into Thunderbird or other desktop apps.

Conclusion: The best email desktop apps are web-based, so you can access them from any internet-connected device. If your favorite email desktop app isn’t listed here, it doesn’t mean it isn’t good! It just means we didn’t review it. We don’t recommend checking your emails all day, but sometimes things come up that require a quick reply. If that sounds like something you might want to do in 2023, download an email desktop app and start replying on your computer right now!