Best Battery Saving Apps for Android.

Best Battery Saving Apps for Android. - UgTechMag.Com
Credit: Android Authority
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Android phones are relatively good phones if one chooses the right brand. However, it is no secret that their batteries wear out fast and this contributes to one of their weaknesses. However, innovation always finds a way and the use of Battery saving Apps is now common. This article looks to educate users on the best Battery saving Apps for android.

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Battery Guru

Ranked among the very best, Battery Guru is a good battery-saving app. Unlike booster apps and service terminators, Battery Guru works by keeping your battery as high as it can be. It also has notifications for temperature rise in case your battery heats up and charging limits so your battery doesn’t wear out sooner. It also has good battery-saving modes that reduce your battery drain. It has a free version on Google Play and some premium features that go for 20 dollars.


Known as one of the popular battery-saving apps, this app is programmed to identify the wake-up time of your phone more times than usual. It is effective for both root and unroot devices but is more effective with root permission. All its features are free with an alternate to donate version that goes for 3 dollars.

GSam Battery Monitor

This is more of an informative battery-saving app. It won’t do anything to save your battery on its own but will reliably inform you about apps that drain your battery. With this information, you can make better decisions to save your battery by shutting down these apps or stopping background activity.


This app is from the developer of another battery-saving app called Servicely. Naptime helps maintain good battery levels and life by making the doze mode more aggressive and disabling sync and any other thing that is changed during doze mode. It is easy to use and simply manipulates systems in place to save battery life. It works best for devices with root permission but can also work with nonrooted devices

Doze Mode

Doze Mode is not an app but a feature in Android phones that puts devices in hibernation to save up on battery consumption. Apps aren’t able to function in the background and sync is turned off which helps save battery. This setting is enabled automatically in modern android versions.