Best Apps For Journalists 2019

best apps for journalists
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This article is going to show you some of the best apps for journalists.

As the hugest portion of the media revolves around the fundamental aspect of collecting images and audio, many journalists must swing into a perfect upshot of the quality of content of the pictures they take and audios they pick.

As such, it is vitally important for one to make the best of their device. Apps play a huge role in the practice of journalism; filming, editing, audio, and video recording and notes taking.

Here are the best useful applications that journalists can use in their collection and editing; 

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Best Apps for Journalists 


Kinemaster Best Apps for Journalists

For Android, Kinemaster is the only professional video editor, It bears full features that support a huge amount and multiple video, text and image layers.

With Kinemaster you can easily control your multi-track audios and volume. It also helps with precise cutting and trimming.

Kinemaster is the best app for mobile journalists, short film producers and YouTube creators alike. It makes the mobile editing experience easy and enjoyable. It also bears a feature that lets you draw directly onto the video.

FiLMiC Pro

FiLMiC Pro best apps for journalist

FiLMiC Pro is a very advanced video camera app for mobile. FiLMiC Pro v6 has been enhanced to include cutting capabilities as well as a manual camera that is very responsive on Android.

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This app provides filmmakers, Artists, and teachers with the fitness to shoot in a true LOG gamma curve on supported devices.

LOG allows for greater tonal range and flexibility in a post-production setting your smartphone’s capabilities on par with camera equipment costing thousands more.

Some of its advanced features include; Dynamic audiometer, stereo recording support, headphone audio monitoring, adjustable audio gain, and support for external microphone levels


wordpress best app for journalists

This is an open source software that can be used to run several sites on the internet. People can easily and quickly set up their own sites using WordPress.

It fosters creativity and a sense of writer independence. One doesn’t have to worry about coding or hosting for their site as WordPress already has them all covered.

It is available as an app for both iOS and Android devices. WordPress is very easy to use and is a very essential tool for journalists to freely practice and even sell their craft out to millions of eyeballs around the internet.


Ferrite best app for journalist

Ferrite allows you to record immediately after downloading the app and is not much work to the eyes.

However, the free Ferrite version has a recording limit, which is not very few minutes. It can stretch to about 60 minutes per recording.

When you upgrade, you have access to cool features such as effects being applied to your audio. These effects include noise gate, compress and amplify tracks.

When you’re through with recording and you want to export your audio, export options such as export via music or iCloud are available. This app can also allow you tag the file as it shows the duration of that file, which project you used as well as its size and creation time and format.

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It is one of the best voice recorder and call recorder apps. Parrot features material design, call recording capabilities, scheduled recordings as well as cloud storage support.

It has android wear support and it’s very useful for business use such as recording meetings or phone calls with clients.

Smart voice recorder

Smart voice recorder

This Smart voice recorder app can be of much help if one is interested in recording long conversations or even declarations that are developed by SmartMob.

This app runs in the background and can record up to 2 GB per file limit. It can help you record audio with your Android phone anywhere you want.

Interviews for future reference are all safe with this app, for the journalist.

It is great for long interviews and conversations. It is also free to use, and you do not have to worry about inefficient capturing of conversation.


The iTalk app is an audio recorder app that boasts simplicity among its other voice recording app counterparts.

It has the advantage of supporting actual microphones which have the capability to record very good and clear audio.

It has most hardware support and all the basic features a sound audio recorder ought to have.

iTalk offers you the luxurious experience of recording audio, saving it and uploading it to various platforms such as cloud storage. This app is pretty easy to download and use in the most basic setting.

iA Writer

iA writer best apps for journalist

The iA Writer is a plain text editor that can support Markdown. It can help the user/ journalist focus on the text he or she is writing or reading without getting distracted.

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This app can be supported by devices that run android, Mac devices, and iOS.

It provides a clean space for the creator’s mind. It is quite a great resource for journalists or anybody who is into the habit of jotting down notes.

It can work as your tiny library as it is very easy to use as a tool to secure your notes. It allows you pour out your mind onto the notepad. It is almost like a small journal every journalist ought to acquaint themselves with.


Evernote app for journalists

Evernote app also offers a number of tools that enable one to share their ideas and go as far as creating agendas for their teammates. This is one app to install and notice your life turning around, from disorganisation to complete neatness.

Microsoft OneDrive

You can use this Microsoft service for your PC and mobile devices to get your files from anywhere. It also allows anyone to share and work together with their team or workmates from a work environment and even from home.

Microsoft OneDrive gives you the flexibility to call up files on your Android device or elsewhere. This app is important and very useful to a journalist who needs a place to keep their interviews and drafts available on the cloud for easy retrieval.