The 5 Best Apps to Find Clothes by Picture

The 5 Best Apps to Find Clothes by Picture
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This article explores the best apps to find clothes by picture. Online clothing shopping might be convenient, but it can also be difficult if you don’t know where to begin. You’re not alone if you’ve ever fallen in love with an outfit but couldn’t figure out where to get it or if you’ve ever had problems describing a certain piece of clothing in a search box. Thankfully, there are a number of apps that can assist you in finding garments by image. These apps detect clothing items using cutting-edge image recognition technology and give you connections to stores where you may buy them. We will examine the top five apps for discovering garments by the image in this article. You can quickly find the clothes you’re looking for and eliminate guesswork with the aid of these applications.

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1. Google lens

Google Lens enables you to look for information using photos. It has developed into one of the top applications for finding clothes by image thanks to its cutting-edge image recognition technology. Google Lens can recognize the brand and style of a piece of clothing by merely taking a picture of it, and it may also suggest matching things.

Additionally, it makes it simpler for customers to shop for their ideal outfit by letting them know where to acquire the clothing item offline or online. Google Lens may also recommend ensembles that go with the item in question or complement it, offering consumers extra suggestions for how to style their clothing.

Android phone users already have the Google lens app on their phones by default. Simply download an image of the outfit you would like to look for. Secondly, open that image using Google Photos app (You’ll find it in the Photos app in the folder where your downloads are stored). At the bottom of the image are the options: Share, Edit, Lens, and Delete. Tap on Lens. Then, the Lens will search for that image online and display the same one or similar ones with different prices from different shops. Tap on the desired picture from the results and shop for it.

2. Pinterest

On the social media site Pinterest, users save and find inspiration for many interests, including fashion. Take a photo or submit an image of a piece of clothing and utilize Pinterest’s “Visual Search” tool to find results that are visually similar. This makes it among the top applications for looking up clothing by image.

Moreover, Pinterest provides you with tailored suggestions based on your saved pins and interests, which enables you to find new products and trends. In order to make it simple to revisit and buy your favorite clothes later, you can also create boards to save your favorites. There is always something new to learn in terms of fashion inspiration thanks to Pinterest’s enormous user base and various material.

To get started, search for a piece of clothing you would like using the search feature at the bottom and type in the item for instance blank pants at the top in the search bar. Then from the results, tap on your selection. Pinterest will display all similar or exact variations of that clothing. Tap on the account and on the image, you will find a link to a website where you can purchase that cloth.


Due to its user-friendly UI and strong image recognition technology, ASOS is one of the top five apps for locating garments by picture. Upload an image from your camera roll or take a photo of an outfit you want to buy. And ASOS will show you a selection of goods that are comparable and are available on the site. It has over 85,000 products.

The app also makes it simple to sort items by price, size and style. This makes purchasing quick and straightforward. A go-to spot for fashion fans, ASOS also provides a number of services like style advice and a customized “For You” area. Overall, ASOS stands out among clothing-finding applications due to its extensive product variety and cutting-edge technology.

Install the app from your app store. Then launch it. Tap on the search icon at the top right corner of the screen, then tap on photos to search for that image from your gallery. You will receive similarities of its variation or the exact match that you can order for. ASOS delivers products to 193 countries worldwide.

4. CamFind

CamFind’s strong image recognition engine and user-friendly UI make it one of the top five applications for finding garments by picture. Users of CamFind can take a picture of a look or piece of clothing to get a list of comparable things that are for sale.

The app has a powerful search engine that can locate things by brand, color, and style and provide links to online stores where users may purchase them. Overall, CamFind is a top option for anyone wishing to streamline their fashion search experience due to its cutting-edge technology and variety of features.

Download CamFind and launch it. Tap on the icon on the bottom left and upload an image containing the clothing you are looking for. This image can be downloaded from the internet or received from a friend via a social networking app. After uploading, it will look for that image and display the results.

5. Use a reverse image search app

Reverse image search apps are among the top five apps for finding clothes by picture due to their ability to quickly and accurately identify fashion items from an image. These apps utilize powerful image recognition technology to analyze pictures and match them with similar products available for purchase online. Reverse image search apps are useful for identifying designer brands and high-end fashion items, as well as finding more affordable alternatives.

They allow users to upload pictures from their camera roll, take a photo of a desired outfit, or even screenshot an image from social media to find similar products. Additionally, reverse image search apps often have a large database of products available, making it easier for users to find exactly what they are looking for. Overall, these apps are a great resource for fashion enthusiasts looking to discover new styles and streamline their shopping process.

Some of the examples of these apps include Lens, and Pinterest, which have already been listed here. Then there are Bing, TinEye, PicClick and ShopStyle.