5 apps to easily draft a shopping list

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This post talks about 5 apps to easily draft a shopping list.

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79% of consumers draft a shopping list prior to visiting a grocery or drug store. This might come as a shock but fewer than half create one when buying food and self-care items on the internet — smartcommerce.

It is always good to plan what you are going to buy before actually buying. This ensures you do not overspend or buy more items than intended. I have had to return some items to their shelves a few times to learn to start making shopping lists.

Apps like Google’s Keep Notes, Microsoft’s One Note, iOS’ Notes, and Google Sheets are convenient when it comes to drafting shopping lists. They are more efficient than carrying around a piece of paper and pen in your pocket.

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Below is a more in-depth look at the 5 apps to easily draft a shopping list:


a) Google Keep Notes

Google Keep Notes - draft a shopping list - ugtechmag.com

With Keep notes, you get to create, access, and edit notes anywhere, anytime. Whether it’s on your phone, computer, and even tablet. You can use the app with or without an internet connection. Everything you type is synchronized automatically across all devices.

What makes Keep notes perfect for making shopping lists is that you get to type your list and add checkboxes to them. Whichever item you get, you tap on the check box and it is stricken through and sent to the bottom of the page in the ticked boxes section.

Get it on Android, iOS, or use the web version.

b) Microsoft’s OneNote

 OneNote - draft a shopping list - ugtechmag.com - 2

Just like Keep Notes, One Note makes shopping lists. The difference is that it was created by Microsoft, whereas Keep Notes was created by Google.

To make a shopping list in One Note, take notes by typing text on a OneNote page. Then select the text that you want to mark as a to-do item, click the Home tab, then click To Do Tag. Each selected item now has a check box next to it. To find all tags, on the Home tab, click Find Tags.

As you complete items, click the box next to each tag to indicate that you are done.

c) iOS Notes 

iOS Notes iPad iPhone - draft a shopping list - ugtechmag.com - 3

Notes is perfect for saving notes packed with checklists (shopping lists), web links, images, handwritten notes, sketches or scanned documents.

Additionally, it is very simple to synchronize all your notes on each device you have with iCloud such that your notes are always accessible.

d) Google Sheets

Write notes with Google Sheets - ugtechmag.com - 4

Google Sheets does so much more than the first three apps listed in this post. Whereas the first three just list the items, google sheets totals or sums everything on the list.

Additionally, it can also be used to do more data analysis on the lists you have.

e) Excel

Write notes with MS Office Excel Sheets - ugtechmag.com - 4

Organize your shopping list and optimize your food budget with excel’s shopping list templates. Excel has various shopping list templates to mark off items as you go and compare prices between vendors to maximize savings.

These shopping list templates can be saved to your OneDrive for real-time and easy access on the go.


There are various ways you could be making shopping lists. These apps listed above can do so much more than just make lists. You could set reminders, jot down ideas, etc.

Now you can take them on and use them from now onwards.