How to Apply for Passport Online in Nigeria

How to Apply for Passport Online in
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How to get a Nigerian international passport online is a question that has been asked by many Nigerians in recent years. The Nigerian passport is a travel document issued to citizens of Nigeria by the Nigerian Immigration Service. It is used for international travel as a means of identification and proof of Nigerian citizenship. If you want to go out of the country for business, pleasure, school, or to move, you need the document. In 2018, international passport applications brought in up to 39 billion naira for the Nigerian Federal Government.

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Now that most registrations can be done online, it is easier to apply for a Nigerian International passport.


Things you need to know before you apply for a Nigerian passport

The Nigerian passport is usually sorted by the number of pages (32 or 64) and the type (standard and official). Passports with 32 pages are usually given to people who don’t travel abroad very often. On the other hand, if your job or business requires you to go on several international business trips every year, you can apply for a passport with 64 pages.

As a tourist, you can also ask for a passport with 64 pages. This will save you the trouble of having to renew your passport often.

The Nigerian Immigration Services (NIS) offers two kinds of e-passports: the “Standard” and the “Official.” Each one is made for a different kind of trip. Every Nigerian citizen can get a standard e-passport with a green cover. On the other hand, only Nigerian diplomats and government officials can get official e-passports with a blue cover.

The most common way to apply for a Nigerian passport used to be to go to the NIS office in person. But you can now start the process of getting a Nigerian passport online. In fact, if you are a Nigerian citizen living outside of Nigeria, you don’t have to go to a Nigerian consulate to get your passport. You can just apply for it online.

How much Does it Cost to get an International Passport in Nigeria

Note that you will have to pay online and in advance for your Nigerian passport. The Nigerian naira or the U.S. dollar can be used to pay.

The price of a Nigerian international passport depends on the number of pages of the applicant’s passport. Once you select the 32 pages passport booklet, you only have the option to choose the 5 years validity period. The 64 pages passport on the other hand has a validity of 5 and 10 years to choose from.

Here are the official prices for different types of Nigerian passports that have been made public by the NIS:

32 pages passport booklet for 5 years64 pages passport booklet for 5 years  64 pages passport booklet for 10 years  
Minors (ages 0 to 17): N25,000Minors (ages 0 to 17): N35,000Minors (ages 0 to 17): N70,000
Adult (age 18 to 59) – N25,000Adult (age 18 to 59) – N35,000Adult (age 18 to 59) – N70,000
Seniors (age 60 and up): N25,000Seniors (age 60 and up): N35,000Seniors (age 60 and up): N70,000

This price list could be changed at any time by the NIS. So, please keep an eye on their website.

Application Requirements for a Passport in Nigeria

You must provide specific documentation with your passport application. Please note that these files will be required whether you’re applying offline or online. They are as follows:

Standard passport requirements

  • Proof of identity from your local government.
  • Proof of age or birth certificate.
  • A pair of passport-sized colour photos taken within the last two months.
  • A formal oath taken by a guarantor in the presence of a commissioner of oaths, Magistrate, or High Court Judge
  • Underage students must have a signed letter of permission from their parents.
  • Legal proof of marriage, if relevant.
  • A police report, if your passport was lost or stolen.

Official passport requirements

  • You need a letter of introduction from the relevant State Government, Federal Government Ministry/Organization.
  • Legal proof of marriage, if relevant.
  • A police report, if your passport was lost or stolen.
  • A copy of your appointment letter or letter of promotion from your last or latest employer.

Steps to Apply Online for a Nigerian International Passport

After completing your online application for a Nigerian passport, you must pick up a physical copy of your passport from the passport office in your area. Please follow the procedure outlined below to apply for a passport in Nigeria.

The Nigeria Immigration Service portal for Passport Application
The Nigeria Immigration Service portal for Passport Application

To access the Nigerian Immigration Services online, click here. It is the only recognized platform to apply for passport in Nigeria.

  1. Pick your passport type: Simply select “Standard e-Passport” OR “Official e-Passport,” and then “Start Application.”
  2. Pick a nation where the processing will take place: This is where you will collect your passport book. 
  3.  Fill out the application: After checking the box that says, “I ACCEPT FULL RESPONSIBILITY FOR THE INFORMATION PROVIDED IN THIS FORM,” hit the “PRINT” button to print the application.
  4. Documentation upload: You can now upload scanned versions of your necessary paperwork. Stated documents should be scanned and uploaded as PDF files.
  5. Proceed to the online payment page: Pick your desired currency by clicking the “Pay in Naira” or “Pay in Dollars” button. After you’ve finished paying, hit the submit button.
  6. Identification number: Your application will be assigned a unique identifier and a reference number. Once you’ve made a payment and gotten a “Validation Number,” you can verify it on the NIS website.
  7. Guarantor form: Get a notarized copy of the Guarantor’s form after printing it. Then to upload it/continue, please enter your passport application ID and reference number and click submit.
  8. Biometrics and image capturing: After submitting your online application, you must visit the immigration office designated for you to have your pictures and biometrics taken.

After applying online, how long does it take to receive a Nigerian international passport?

After getting your biometric information, it usually takes about 48 hours to process an online application for a new passport. You should apply well ahead of time because the process can sometimes take up to a month. I advised that you fill out the application at least two months before you need to leave Nigeria.