How to Apply for KENHA Exemption Permit in Kenya

How to Apply for KENHA Exemption Permit in
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In this article, we will guide you with the steps you need to follow to apply for a KENHA Exemption Permit in Kenya.

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The Kenya National Highway Authority (KENHA) was established with the aim of the development, rehabilitation, maintenance, and management of Kenya roads under the Kenya Roads Act of 2007. The authority is empowered by the Traffic Act cap 403, section 57 to issue Vehicle Exemption Permits for the transportation of awkward and abnormal loads.

KENHA Exemption Permits are issued by the Kenya National Highways Authority (KENHA) to allow vehicles to carry out the transportation of over-dimensional or heavy cargo within Kenya. This is particularly useful for businesses that regularly transport large or heavy items, as it allows them to avoid delays and disruptions caused by having to seek special permission for each individual journey.

KENHA Exemption permit can be applied for, online and is available at the Kenya National Highway Authority website. Transporters, Truckers Association of Kenya, Transport SACCO’S, and all other parties related to the Self-Regulation Mechanism and Transportation of Special categories of Vehicle Loads such as Abnormal Loads can do the application of the Permit.


Requirements to Apply for KENHA Exemption Permit:

The requirements listed below will help you determine your eligibility to receive the KENHA exemption permit;

  1. The vehicle logbook.
  2. Motor vehicle inspection report.
  3. The vehicle insurance certificate.
  4. Front and side view photos of the vehicle and the load thereof for abnormal loads.

How to Apply for KENHA Exemption Permit

1. Go to the KeNHA website.

2. You will be referred to the “Permits Portal” page. On this page, you will be required to input your username and password to log in, for new members you need to register. To do that, click on “Register a New Membership.”The required data that you should fill in upon registration is Your Name, Identification Number (ID), Phone Number, Postal Address, Email address, password, and a confirmation of the same. After successful registration, log in using your email as the username and password that you created during registration.

How to Apply for KENHA Exemption Permit in

3. After logging in successfully, the main navigation page where you will find past reports by KENHA will appear. The left side of the portal has a panel where all the services offered will be listed, select “Exemption Permits” and then click on the “New” button.

4. Enter the required correct details of the vehicle and click “Next“.

5. Input the details of the load/cargo and click “Save“.

6. Click on “Attachments” and attach clear and valid copies of the required documents.

7. Once successfully attached click “Submit“.

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What Happens After KENHA Exemption Permit Application?

Upon submitting your application, the application will be moved to applied and the application status will read “Applied”. At the moment, you will have to wait until the application is approved. After the application has been approved, you will get the payment advice slip, use it to make payment at the nearest KeNHA Regional office by Bankers cheque. After you receive the payment receipt, scan and upload it at the portal on the application, this is done by selecting “View” on the application, clicking “Payment” then “New” then enter payment details, and putting the amount you have paid then post and wait for confirmation. Once payment is confirmed, you can access your permit under the “Permit” Tab and print it.

In case your application is rejected, click on the “View” button and scroll down to comments to see the reason for the rejection and the action to take.