How to Apply for a Replacement of a Lost/Defaced Number plate in Kenya

How to Apply for a Replacement of Lost/Defaced Number plate in
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According to Section 12(1) of the Traffic Act, no motor vehicle shall be used on a road unless the identification plates are fixed in the prescribed manner. Therefore for one to use their vehicle on Kenyan roads, the car must have a number plate. If you have recently lost or damaged your number plate, there is no need to panic since you can replace it. With the documents required, you can apply for the replacement of the Number Plate using the procedure below.

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These are the required documents;

  1. Original Logbook.
  2. Police Abstract.
  3. The Identity Number or Passport of the registered vehicle owner should match the name on the logbook.
  4. Original and copy of the certificate of incorporation or Business Registration Certificate, for company vehicles.

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How to Apply for a New Number Plate

1. Get started by reporting the loss or damaged number plate to the nearest police station and obtain a police abstract.

2. After obtaining a police abstract, visit the nearest DCI office with all the required requirements (listed above) then request a tape-lifting report. DCI will perform tape lifting. Tape lifting refers to the verification of your vehicle’s chassis and engine numbers to confirm that the details match your registration documents. Hereafter, the DCI write a report of their findings after confirming the details.

3. Scan all these documents and save them on the computer.

4. On your browser visit the NTSA Website and log in to your NTSA TIMS account.

6. Select “Apply for Reflective Number plate.”

7. Select the number plate of the car that is lost or defaced from the list of vehicles that appears and click on “Apply“.

8. Select either lost or defaced.

9. Select the type of plate you are applying for. Choose either square or oblong.

10. Fill in all the required details.

11. Provide the ID number of the person who will collect the plates once it is ready for collection.

12. After that, upload the DCI Tape lifting report and a copy of your logbook

13. Choose the station where you wish to pick your plates from and click next

14. Make the payment, which can be done via M-Pesa. Replacing one number plate will cost you Ksh 1,150 and Ksh 2,050 for two.