How to Apply for a CRB Clearance Certificate Online in Kenya

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The CRB Clearance Certificate is a crucial document often required for various financial transactions and employment opportunities. If you’re wondering how to navigate the process of applying for the certificate online seamlessly, you’re in the right place.

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Let us get started;


What is a CRB Clearance Certificate?

Credit Reference Bureau (CRB) Clearance Certificate is a document that confirms an individual’s credit status with credit reference bureaus in the country. It verifies whether the individual has a “Clean Bill of Health”. This means the individual has no outstanding loans/ debts, or they are clearing their loan rather than defaulting. The CRB certificate also shows the financial obligations that are recorded in the credit bureaus’ databases.

CRB collects data on loans issued by the lenders and creates credit reports of the borrowers based on their current and past loans. You can be issued a CRB clearance certificate in Kenya if you have never borrowed or if you have not defaulted on loan payments.

This certificate is often required by employers, financial institutions, landlords, or other entities as part of their screening process. For example, employers may request CRB clearance certificates from job applicants to assess their financial responsibility and integrity.

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How to Apply for CRB Clearance Certificate

To obtain a CRB Clearance Certificate in Kenya, individuals typically need to request their credit report from one of the licensed credit reference bureaus in the country, such as TransUnion Kenya, Metropol Corporation, or Creditinfo CRB Kenya. They can then present this report or certificate to the requesting party as proof of their creditworthiness and financial standing.

How to Apply for CRB Certificate from Creditinfo CRB Kenya

1. Navigate to CreditInfo website and Click on Clearance Certificate.

2. Now click on Apply for Personal Clearance Certificate. If you are looking for a Company Clearance Certificate, click on the company availed option.

3. On the next page, enter all the details that are required including your ID Number, phone number, email address, a photo of your National ID and sign Consent.

How to Apply for a CRB Certificate from Metropol Corporation

1. Dial *433# on your mobile. This will prompt you to get a reference code.

2. After that, go to Metropol Corporation by clicking here.

3. Now log in to the site, with your mobile phone and the reference code that you received on your phone.

4. Once you are logged in click on the link displayed on the screen to download your report.

How to Apply for CRB Certificate from TransUnion Kenya

Get started with texting your name to 21272, so that you could receive prompts on how follow through with getting your CRB certificate. Alternatively download the TransUnion Nipashe app on the Google Play Store.

Why am I unable to Download my CRB certificate?

CRB certificates are not issue to loan defaulters. To qualify for the CRB download, you will have to make full or partial payment on your current loan so that your account is activated.

Is the CRB Certificate Free?

The first time you want to download your Certificate, the service might be free. An additional fee of 2200 might be charge the recurring times you try to download the certificate. This will entirely depend on the platform you use to acquire these services.