Apple’s AirTag vs Galaxy SmartTag+: What’s the Difference?

AirTag vs SmartTag+ -
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Apple versus Samsung in this article as we are comparing their smart trackers —Apple’s AirTag Vs Galaxy SmartTag+. What exactly is a smart tracker? A smart tracker is a wearable tracker which continually senses the movements of the body on a 3 axis accelerometer.

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The data is noted each time the tracker is worn and powered. This makes it possible for the tracker to trace if the individual is walking forward, running fast, or even standing still. The most common examples of smart trackers are fitness trackers.

There are also smart tags. Not to start confusing them with smart trackers. They are not the same. But similarities are there. Smart tags use smart tracking software. A smart tag is an electronic tag with an embedded RFID device, attached to an object for the purposes of tracking or storing data relating to its use.

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AirTag vs SmartTag+
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Here, we are comparing Apple’s AirTag and Samsung’s Galaxy SmartTag+.

Samsung’s Galaxy SmartTag+

Samsung’s Galaxy SmartTag+ has a lot of smarts built-in. Among these are smart home controls. By taking advantage of the broad SmartThings Find network, you can find your lost items quickly. However, UWB is currently limited to select Galaxy phones.

AirTag vs SmartTag+
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  • Firstly; it Can be found using Samsung SmartThings Find and AR
  • Secondly; It has a built-in loop for attaching to items
  • Thirdly; The SmartTag+ utilizes UltraWide Band (UWB) for accurate tracking
  • And lastly; It can control smart home devices with it


  • SmartThings Find only works on Galaxy devices
  • UltraWide Band only works with select Galaxy phones
  • They are more expensive
  • Only IP53 resistant

How about the AirTag? We look at it next.

Apple’s AirTag

AirTag vs SmartTag+
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Apple’s AirTag comes in just one design: a small, $29 disc shape. It is the only one of the three in its family to include an official IP67 rating. This simply means that it can survive an accidental drop in a bit of water for some seconds. It also allows you to store your contact information so it can be read by any phone with NFC (near-field communication) — even Android phones. Its setup is very easy — just bring the tag near your iPhone and you will be induced to pair the two. It is also a little less expensive. But there is no hole built-in to fix things like household keys inside. So if you want to attach it to a set of keys you will need to pay a little more to add a holder.


  • It has a huge network for out-of-network finding
  • It is IP67-rated


  • You can not ring your phone using the tag (Samsung and Tile allow this)
  • One needs a separate accessory to add a keyring loop
  • The device can only be used by iOS devices
  • There is no ring volume adjustment

Those are some of the differences between the AirTag vs SmartTag+. Do share with us any others you might know of from your experience with any of the devices. We hope this comparison was helpful.