Apple warns its iPhone 5 users to update their iOS or else the phone stops working.

IOS Upgrade
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Apple announced that the iPhone 5 iOS update should be done before the phone stops functioning.

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The iPhone 5 was the last iPhone that was overseen by Steve Jobs and was released on 21st September 2012. It was later discontinued on 10th September 2013 with a release of its successors like the iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c. This did not take away the fact that it is still in circulation and extra-ordinarily being used up to now.


Warning: Failure to make iPhone 5 iOS update might lead to phone breakdown

As iPhone 5 users celebrate 7 years in existence, bad news has emerged. Apple has announced that iPhone 5 users should upgrade their IOS/Operating System to 10.3.4. If the above is not done, users will lose access to their central functions such as;

  • Internet browsing, email, and the App Store will be cut off.
  • Over-the-air software updates will also stop working.

Serious problems like failure to rely on GPS location are yet to happen due to software issues. This means that your handset will stop having the correct time and date.
The issue arose from a GPS time rollover problem that affects a variety of GPS-enabled devices. It started causing problems from April this year, but will not affect iPhones until the deadline arrives.

The deadline for the iPhone 5 iOS update is set to November 3, 2019.

Steps and tips to upgrade to iPhone 5 iOS update.

  1. Head straight to your Settings/General/Software Update. You should be able to find a red number (1) software notification prompting you to update.
  2. Tap Software Update and wait for a few seconds. It will require you to update and simply tap again the prompt to update.

    NOTE: The update might require you to have access to Wi-Fi to execute the process. It takes a lot of bandwidth
  3. Get rid of all unnecessary apps and data on your device to create space/storage for the download.
  4. Charge your device before the update or connect it to the power supply to avoid interruptions.

With a few of these tips, am certain you will overcome the ‘update’ threat and still use your device.

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If you are still using an iPhone 5 as a primary phone in 2019, it is vital that you start saving for a later version like an iPhone 6,7, etc as these handsets have later ios versions (11, 12, etc).

However, the iPhone 5 still has a Steve Jobs inch of originality/durability due to its in-design and could perfectly work for your second nano sim.

A second thought about iPhones should guide you to a list of some of the cheapest phones around town.

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