What you need to know about Apple Background Sounds

What you need to know about Apple Background Sounds-ugtechmag.com
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Apple released background sounds to iPhones with the iOS 15 update in September 2021. They came embedded in the accessibility settings. With Apple’s background sounds, Apple was able to replace apps like Calm which were dominated by Apple users. The main purpose of the feature is to give iPhone users easy access to classic ambient sounds on their iPhone to create a conducive environment that allows them to focus more on work, relax or sleep as they mask and minimize environmental distractions.

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The background sounds come as balanced, bright, dark noise, ocean, rain, and stream. With these options, you can easily toggle through whichever as your preference or environment changes. They are designed to be used along with music and other media for an ethereal experience.

How to Setup Background Noise on your iPhone

Step 1: Go to the Settings app with a gear icon on your iPhone.

Step 2: Select ‘Accessibility’ of the displayed settings menu options.

Step 3: Next, swipe down to the ‘Hearing’ section and select ‘Audio/Visual.’

Step 4: Select ‘Background sounds’ and toggle the feature on.

What you need to know about Apple Background Sounds-ugtechmag.com

Step 5: By default, the rain background sound will start playing. However, you will be presented with options to change or download sounds that you find interesting by simply tapping on the ‘Sound’ menu and choosing a new option. The act of downloading background sounds only happens when changing them for the first time and after that, they can be used even when the phone is in Airplane mode. Now, tap back to return to the background settings menu.

Step 6: To adjust the volume, drag the slider to the right to increase volume or the left to decrease the volume of the background noise.

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Step 7: Still, on the Background settings page, toggle on the “Use when media is playing” feature and tap play Sample to hear what it sounds like with music playing. You can also adjust the volume at which the background sound is playing in the media right under the “sample” option. Once you are done listening to the sample tap Stop. If the feature has not appeased you, you can toggle it off.

Step 8: On the same page, toggle on the Stop Sounds When Locked feature to stop playing Background sounds when iPhone is locked.

With these steps above, the feature has been successfully set up and automatically appears in the Control center for easy access. If the feature is not added to the Control Center, you can set it up under the back tap shortcut or even add it to your home screen using Apple’s Shortcuts app. You can also use background sounds on and off and adjust the settings from the Control center. Just tap the hearing button, then adjust the volume, switch the sound and turn on/off background sound by tapping the background sounds button at the bottom of the screen.

What you need to know about Apple Background Sounds-ugtechmag.com

Depending on your mood, you can now play any of the sounds in the background whilst doing other things on your phone. Therefore, if you have insomnia to deal with, are scrolling through that Instagram page, or wish to enjoy that sad song the more, this feature could be just the tonic you need.