AnyTrans for Android – Transfer, back up, and manage Android data in one handy place

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I have been looking for a better software to move my files from iPhone to Android and i found this one .If you have ever tried transferring files from an iPhone to an android phone or vise versa , you know how difficult it is . The process of moving files can be a pain in the ass — unless you get a software such as iMobie’s AnyTrans for Android , a data management program for migrating files between devices without any compatibility issues .   AnyTrans for Android is a desktop software (with separate versions for Windows and Mac) that works with all iOS & Android devices . It can transfer data from iPhone to Android device at just a click of one button and without any compatibility issues .   In case you need to transfer data between any phones , AnyTrans will help you migrate your files without any limitations of phone brand , model or even the android version . So with this software, you can be rest assured of bringing everything important to you from an old phone to a new one .   Besides that , i have compiled a detailed review about AnyTrans for Android –a data management software i have used .  


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AnyTrans for Android Review


What is AnyTrans for Android ?

  iMobie AnyTrans for Android is a comprehensive data management software that allows a user to transfer files from across devices and also let them control their android content from one convenient place .   With this software you can do a lot of things as far as managing your android data is concerned . AnyTrans enables you to migrate files between any two devices regardless of the model , brand or android version .   The software does not stop there , you can also clone device settings and files for transfer to another phone , switch from iOS to android at a tap of a click , download mobile videos and music from over 900+ sites and just manage everything that matters on your android device .  

AnyTrans for Android is a comprehensive data management software that allows a user to transfer files from across devices and also let them control their android content from one convenient place .


Is AnyTrans for Android safe on my PC ?

  AnyTrans software for android is free from malicious code and virus . The software picks all the updates from iMobie website and installs them automatically on your PC .   All the updates pass through a series of checks from Microsoft Security Essentials and Malware bytes Anti-Malware without any issues . The only closest i found a security issue was when my Firewall asked me to authorize the installation of the software on my windows 10 PC .   However if you use the File manager feature to delete the system files of your phone , you may find it rough .Always make sure you delete files you have installed yourself . Nevertheless , you can still restore your lost files from AnyTrans backup .  

Is AnyTrans for Android Free or Paid Software ?

  AnyTrans for Android is a Paid software though it comes with a free trial version for a maximum number of files you can transfer ( 50 files as per this review ) .   To unlock the potential of this software , you’ll need to buy a license to access the premium features . Licenses come into three different categories :- The first category is single computer license at $39.99 , the other is family lifetime license that can be used on up to 5 computers at once for $59.99 and is the most recommended plan and lastly is the business license available at $99.99 for 10 computers .   The plans come with lifetime software update , although only the family & business license comes with free premium support.  

Learn more about the AnyTrans for Android Prices Here


Features of AnyTrans for Android

  AnyTrans for Android software has got a good number of important features that will help you in managing and migrating photos, contacts, messages from old Android phone/iPhone to new Android seamlessly.   When you first launch the program , it launches with any eye catching animated style that slowly varnishes from your screen window to create way for the home page which looks like screen shot below .  
AnyTrans for Android

Important to Note : The screen shots  taken are from the windows version of the software, but their is no major difference between the MAC and windows interface design .

  To use the software to manage your phone data , you’ll need to connect a device via USB cable or Scan QR code . This brings you to the amazing features of the program as shown in the screen shot below .  
AnyTrans for Android
AnyTrans for Android
      The home screen comes with shortcuts to the softwares main features and these are Clone Device , Connect to PC , Add Content , My Files and Connect to Device .   The clone Device feature allows you to migrate files such as photos, contacts, messages from old Android phone/iPhone to new Android seamlessly. To do this you’ll need to connect at least two devices .   Connect to PC is more less similar to the meaning of its name . The feature allows you to transfer photos, contacts, messages and other files from your device onto the PC . This is useful in case you need back up for your device files .  
AnyTrans for Android
connect to PC
AnyTrans for android
Transferring to PC
  Add content is another important feature that pretty well allows you to add files from your computer to android storage . This feature is much easier and faster than the inbuilt copy and paste .  
AnyTrans for Android
  With My Files feature, you can easily access , add, edit, rename files as you like, or hide/unhide your private photos without peeping in just one convenient place .  

Perhaps the most dangerous part about this software if you’re not careful, is accessing system hidden files .Deleting of such files can affect the working condition of your android device and backing it up may not be an easy task . Do take caution.

AnyTrans for Android
  Connect Device just like the name connects your android phone to the computer without need for you to install unnecessary third party applications .  

Bonus Features of AnyTrans for Android

  The software has got a lot of features than you can never imagine . The best way to prove this is to download a copy from here .   The software comes with iTunes Library feature that allows you to manage iTunes Library for iOS users . AnyTrans is one of the best iTunes alternative for transferring music to your iPhone, iPod or iPad . Unlike iTunes , this software does not restrict you from using certain resources unnecessarily if you get the paid version .  
      The other bonus feature the software has, it allows you to change languages between German, English, Spanish, French, Arabic, Japanese and Chinese. You can also download favorite movies, TV shows or any videos, as well as music, from YouTube and other 900+ sites using the music downloader feature . AnyTrans for Android selects optimal resolution of each video and converts it to your compatible format .  
Media Downloader AnyTrans for Android

PROS & CONS for AnyTrans for Android

Pros Cons
Easy to use– does not require any technical skills Advanced features are in paid version .
Breaks the limit for brand , model and android versions when transferring across devices .
Easy to clone a device
1 click to back up all android data
Migrate files across devices instantly
It helps you to get rid of unnecessary iTunes library restrictions, file duplication, and constant re-syncing.


  Although AnyTrans for Android may have a fee to access most of it’s cool features , i believe it’s worthy the cost since it’s even a one time ( lifetime ) fee . Am just glad how it was easy to clone my iPhone files to my new Android phone . Remember to follow the links below to download this software .   Buy AnyTrans for windows & Mac Get AnyTrans for Android Free download.