Android VS iPhone: Which is better

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Android VS iPhone: Which is better?

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Overall, Android is better than iPhone on the basis of the freedom it gives to its users. Android is open source whereas iPhone is not. What this means is that Android allows you to make changes to things like layout, pre-loaded app capability, etc. You are more in control when using an Android device than an iPhone.

Putting aside the fact that Android lets users easily customize some of its features, there are some unique features iPhones have that are better than the ones Android has.

Conversely, there are features Android has that are better than the ones iPhones have. Let us compare the 2 and we see:

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Number of users

The number of active Android users exceeds 2.8 billion with a worldwide market share of 75% — businessofapps.

The number of active iPhone users exceeds 1 billion with a worldwide market share of 26.2% — backlinko.

Winner: Android. Android has more active users than iPhone.

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Operating System (OS) updates

If you have used phones or PCs for some time, by now you know that updates are always nice to have on your device. Updates fix bugs and improve the general performance of the system.

iPhones receive updates to their OS faster. They also support older phones better compared to Android.

Android on the other hand takes longer to update the OS of its devices. At times, some devices’ OS are not updated at all. It is worse with older phones. Their support is lost faster than iPhones.

Winner: iPhone. iPhones get the latest OS as soon faster.

App Store

An app store is a place you go to download apps and games. Ideally, you would want to have an app store with lots of apps to widen your choices.

Apple’s store has 3.59 million apps as of August 2022 with categories like games, free apps, and business and education — businessofapps.

Google’s play store has approximately 3.3 million apps with categories like apps, games, etc — emizentech.

You might ask yourself why Android has fewer apps in its store than iPhone, given that it is open source. Well, it should have more apps. But then, the reality is that the apps keep getting on and off the platform due to reasons like someone creating a fake WhatsApp and users installing it.

Winner: iPhone. The apps on the Apple Store are authentic and more reliable to use.


Android phones are cheaper to buy compared to iPhones. That is debatable, given that iPhones these days are more accessible. Regardless, good cheap phones to buy are made by Android.

Winner: Android. Although Android also makes very expensive phones, its cheap phones are optimized to give you the best user experience at their set price.


The Android VS iPhone debate is not one to end soon. iPhone offers luxury, Android offers freedom. These two factors are held so strongly that it is not that easy to convince an iPhone user that Android is better and vice versa.

Depending on what you want to use your phone for, look through the features and see which phone best suits your preferences.