Android Apps killing your Phone’s Performance

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Have you wondered why your phone performance is below average, even after installing those best cooling apps, or even deleting some of your cool photos, picnic videos thinking they are responsible for the vague performance?

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Ideally, the above could be part of the problem, but you realize even after deleting all your media, there isn’t any big change. However, there are some Android Apps that kill your Phone’s performance that you should delete immediately. Today should be the deadline for keeping those Apps around you.

The list is not a big list; I selected just a few of those common apps we all seem to be using.


Ram consuming Apps

Beware of apps that consume your memory, such apps like that run in the background. If you can keep closing such apps over the time you are using your Smartphone, well and good. But if you cannot, then just delete these apps, let them not give up a headache.

Android Apps killing Phone performance

Cleaning tools

Cleaning tools such as your phone cleaning master common mostly with Android smartphones are known for doing us a good job of cleaning up the cache for deleted apps. However, if your phone came without one, there is no need for you downloading the third part cleaning master to add this value to your phone.

All phones, if you can access its settings, can allow you to clean the app cache manually without giving permission to any other apps. Below is the procedure to clean up the cache manually.

·         Go to settings

·         Click storage and select cached data

·         Tap clear cache and select okay, and you are good to go.

Social apps (Facebook)

There is no app that slows down your phone like social apps that keep lots of data in addition to their storage size. Facebook among other apps is an application that takes up megabytes of storage, thus slowing down your phone and limiting its full performance.

The Facebook app isn’t the only app you can use to visit your accounts. There are lighter versions of Facebook such as Facebook Lite. Start using Lite today to boost your phone’s performance.

Manufacturer apps

All android phones nowadays come with those apps provided by the manufacturer such as Games, and Carcare apps that pose less importance to the user. They are apps we can do without, so what would be the reason for keeping them around?

These apps are another cause of performance drop in mobile devices, thus it is advisable to delete such apps if they are not of any use to you.

Battery Saver

There is this myth that battery savers actually do a lot with saving your phone battery. To some small extent they do, but these small percentages wouldn’t be something you would trade for your phone performance, would you?

Actually, just like what the cleaning masters do, battery savers also adjust a few settings of your phone that you can do manually. In an actual sense, reducing your phone’s energy usage shall automatically reduce the load on your battery life. To save your battery life manually,

Go to your battery settings and view whatever app is consuming more battery

You can alternatively turn on Adaptive battery which will limit battery usage from those selected apps.