Airtel WinBack Offer: Get 20X Bonus for Calls and Data

Airtel WinBack Offer: Get 20X Bonus for Calls and
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Airtel WinBack offer is all you need to enjoy a whopping 20X bonus for calls and data. With just ₦100, you can get as much as 2000 huge bonus from Airtel – usable for making long calls and surfing the internet seamlessly. The Airtel WinBack offer has been underway for more a year, although not all Airtel users are aware of it.

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I will be showing you how to subscribe to the 20X bundle, its eligibility, and everything that surrounds the offer.

What is Airtel WinBack Offer?

Airtel WinBack offer is a special bundle plan that rewards Airtel customers who have not carried out any chargeable activity on their Airtel line in the last or past 15 days or more.

Who is eligible for Airtel’s WinBack 20x bonus?

While the Airtel WinBack offer gives unbeatable data bundles to Airtel customers, unfortunately, not all Airtel subscribers are eligible for this. Airtel 20x bonus sets some basic prerequisites before a subscriber can be eligible for it.

How to be eligible for Airtel 20x WinBack Offer

To be eligible for the 20x bonus, an Airtel subscriber must have stayed for at least 15 days without performing any chargeable activity like making calls, sending text messages, buying data bundles, or subscribing to any plan. If your SIM card has been devoid of any chargeable activity within the previous 15-day period, then you are automatically qualified for the 20x bonus offer.

Requirements for the Airtel WinBack offer

While not carrying any chargeable activity in the last 15 days is the primary requirement for the offer, there are other secondary conditions that ought to be met to start enjoying the 20x bonus. Below are the requirements:

  • An Airtel SIM card (without any chargeable activity in the last 15 days)
  • Airtime balance of at least ₦100 to subscribe to the minimum offer

List of Airtel WinBack 20x bonus offers – Price, Value, and Validity

N100N200030 days
N200N2000 Bonus + 200MBN2000 for 30 days. 200MB for 3 days
N500N6000 Bonus + 1GBN6000 for 30 days. 200MB for 3 days

How to get 20x bonus on Airtel

Subscribing to the offer is not a problem as long as all the requirements for the 20x bonus are met. To get the Airtel 20x bonus offer, dial the USSD *241*7# on your phone. The available offers will be displayed. Depending on your budget, you can now purchase your favorite bundle and enjoy the best of the Airtel WinBack offer.

How to check WinBack 20x bonus balance

By dialing *123#, your Airtel WinBack 20x bonus balance will be displayed to you.

Can I accumulate the Airtel 20x bonus?

Airtel’s WinBack 20x bonus offer can be accumulated as much as possible.

What if am not eligible for Airtel 20x bonus?

For most people who actively use their SIM cards, this offer could really be far from grabs; this is because the WinBack offer is like a welcome offer intended to motivate Airtel subscribers who have dumped their SIMs or no longer use them to reconsider and start using their SIMs again by offering them this enticing bonus offer.

So, if you heavily use your Airtel SIM card, then this offer is not for you! However, if you insist, you can keep your SIM from any chargeable activity within a 15-day period and hopefully, you will be eligible.


By now you should have learned everything about the Airtel 20x bonus code, how it works and how to subscribe to it. Please, don’t forget to share to others.