Airtel Vs MTN Mobile money transaction rates 2020

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Airtel Uganda recently changed its Mobile money transaction rates and it’s now working with the new Airtel Mobile money transaction rates that I will show you in this post. These rates apply on sending money either to a bank account or to another mobile money user and also while making payments.

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On the other hand, MTN too went on and made some changes in the same services, thus Mobile Money Transaction Rates were changed as well. There were numerous changes this time and it seems there were good reasons for the two Telecom giants to think of changes.

In this article we shall compare the two changes and see which one favors you the end users at the end of the day. We are going to compare raw by column for both Airtel Mobile money transaction rates and MTN Mobile money transaction rates.

However, we are delving more into Airtel changes, we notice that the only rates that did not change however were the Airtel Money withdraw rates. The charge associated with withdrawing money still depends on the amount of money being withdrawn as was before.


A brief analysis on the withdraw and transaction charges between Airtel and MTN

The minimum and maximum cash withdraws made still stand as 500USH and Shs7 million respectively from any agent shop around the country. While with ATM being a minimum of UGX 5,000 and a maximum of UGX 1,000,000, Withdrawing between UGX 5,000 and UGX 125,000 will cost you up to UGX 330 while UGX 49500 for an amount between UGX 400,000 and UGX 500,000.

The change which is seen as an increment as compared to the recent charges are reflected from the changes that MTN made recently in their Mobile Money transfer rates as a competing entity.

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However, if we went deep into the new rates, we may note a few significant figure rise and fall. For example it’s evident that Airtel increased the charges on money sent from your Airtel Money wallet to your Bank account, while greatly cutting the rates on utility bill payments and other payments.

On the other hand with MTN changes, It is clear that these new rates still don’t comfort a lot of customers as many users feel they overspend when withdrawing money including the money mobile tax which makes the charges shoot up. MTN Uganda has recently brought back the mid-week data bundle package Gaga Wednesday exclusive for Android users at the moment and has a new data campaign known as Dabolo which see customer enjoy 100% bonus on daily data packages.

This might not be what we need as consumers but it’s one step to having something affordable from the yellow team and inclusive.

Airtel Old Charges vs New Charges

new Airtel Mobile money transaction rates

Comparison between Airtel Mobile money transaction rates and MTN Mobile money transaction rates

Like I said earlier on, the Airtel rates charged on payments for utility bills and any other payments have changed too, but this is only associated transactions of over UGX 500,000. For the utility bills, a uniform charge of UGX 6,300 will replace the current charges of at least UGX 10,700 which a significant fall if we are to look at the two figures.

For the other payments, you will notice a slight increment from UGX 3,200 to UGX 3,350 for the 500,000 to 1,000,000 band; and a uniform UGX 5,750 rate replacing the UGX 5,500 for the 1,000,000 to 2,000,000 band as well as the UGX 10,000 for transactions above 2 million.

New Airtel Mobile money transaction rates

new Airtel Mobile money transaction rates

New MTN Mobile money transaction rates

MTN New Sending Fees

Amount (Shs)Transaction (Shs)
Sending money to
MinMaxMoMo usernon-user
5002 500250830
2 5015 000500940
5 00115 0001,0001,880
15 00130 0001,0001,880
30 00145 0001,0002,310
45 00160 0001,0002,310
60 001125 0001,6003,325
125 001250 0001,6004,975
250 001500 0001,6007,175
500 0011 000 0002,00012,650
1 000 0012 000 0002,00022,000
2 000 0014 000 0002,00037,400
4 000 0017 000 0002,000