How To Share Mobile Internet With Airtel Tugabane

Airtel Tugabane
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Airtel provides a Tugabane service that allows its customers to share data with their loved ones, friends or workmates. The Airtel Tugabane service will help you achieve the data sharing task with anyone as long as they are working with an airtel line.

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Tugabane is no doubt the easiest way to be generous and share your internet data with your girlfriend, loved ones or even just friends and families.

This article will show you how to Tugabane airtel data with another contact. Remember Tugabane works for only airtel to airtel, as such the data can only be used by an airtel user number.

Launched in 2015, Tugabane allows an airtel mobile subscriber to add up to 4 phone numbers to share their active internet bundles regardless of whether someone is near them or outside the country.

To achieve a similar task as airtel Tugabane for other networks, read a simple way to share Data bundles with Airtel, MTN, Africell, And UTL.

To activate the airtel tugabane on your phone, follow the steps below.

  1. Simply dial *175*5# USSD shortcode for Airtel Tugababe on your phone

2. Select a sub option 1 “Tugabane

3. Then select option 1 “Activate

4. Enter the phone number of someone you want to tugabane airtel data with.

Important to note

You can invite up to 4 numbers to benefit from your active data bundles plan.

The number that activates airtel tugabane for other lines is called sponsor account while the others are dependant ones.