How To Share Mobile Internet With Airtel Tugabane

Airtel Tugabane
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Airtel provides a Tugabane service that allows its customers to share data with their loved ones, friends, or workmates. The Airtel Tugabane service will help you achieve the data-sharing task simpler with any Airtel subscriber.

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As locally attributed in the Luganda Lugauge, Tugabane means sharing. As the name speaks for itself, Tugabane is no doubt the easiest way to be generous and share your internet data with your girlfriend, loved ones, or even just friends and families. Before we proceed into a step-by-step of Airtel Tugabane activation and deactivation, there are some import notes that you need to know.

Important Notes

  • Tugabane is only available for only Airtel numbers. To achieve a similar task as Airtel Tugabane for other networks, read a simple way to share Data bundles with Airtel, MTN, Africell, And UTL.
  • The number that activates Airtel Tugabane for other lines is called the Sponsor account while the others are Dependant ones.
  • The sponsor account can add up to 4 numbers to benefit from your active data plan.
  • Sponsors can not be dependants and dependants can not be Sponsors at the same time. In simple terms, dependants on someone’s Tugabane account, won’t be able to add dependants to their own Tugabane account or get added to a new Tugabane account. To eradicate this issue, you need to deactivate Tugabane or remove your contact from the Sponsor’s Tugabane account.
  • Once a number has been actively added to your Tugabane account, they will have access to all your data bundles. However, Airtel discarded some data bundles from the Tugabane feature.
  • You can always check the data balance of your Sponsor’s account. Simply dial *175*4# and press OK.


How to Activate the Airtel Tugabane on your phone

Activating Airtel Tugabane means adding particular Airtel number that you will share your data plan with. If you are up for it, follow the step-by-step guide below;

Step 1: Simply dial *175*5# USSD shortcode for Airtel Tugabane on your phone

Step 2: Select a sub-option 1 “Tugabane”.

Step 3: Then select option 1 “Activate.”

Step 4: Enter the phone number of someone you want to Tugabane Airtel data with.

Step 5: The dependant’s number should be added successfully to your Airtel Tugabane account. Both parties will receive confirmatory texts.

How to Check your Tugabane Status on Airtel

Your Airtel Tugabane status will enable you to ascertain if you are a Sponsor or a dependant. Hereafter, you can understand why can not add a number to your Tugabane account or why your data bundle is maxed out quickly;

  1. Dial *175*5# then press the SEND button.
  2. Select the Tugabane option (option 1).
  3. Go for option 3- Check Status.
  4. On the next page, you will be able to see the list of your Tugabane account dependants to you or your Sponsor’s contact (the Tugabane account that you are dependent on).

How to Deactivate Airtel Tugabane

The Airtel Tugabane deactivate option, allows individuals to remove dependants from their Tugabane account or to detach themselves from some other person’s Tugabane account (the Sponsors). To succeed with deactivation you need to first check your status, dial *175*5*1*3#. You will be able to see the number your sponsor’s number if you were added to someone’s Tugabane account or numbers that are dependant on your Tugabane account. Copy down the number then;

  • Dial *175*5#.
  • Select option 1- Tugabane.
  • Go for option 2- Deactivate.
  • Enter the dependant’s number/ Sponsor Number and press SEND.
  • The deactivation will commence immediately.

Quick Note: Once you deactivate yourself from Sponsor’s account, you will be dispatched from enjoying the Sponsor’s data benefits until they add you again. Same applies to dependants who have been deactivated from Tugabane.

I Can not Add a Number to my Tugabane Account.

There are three reasons as to why you can not add a particular number to your Tugabane number.

  • To begin with, the number that you are trying to activate on your Tugabane account could be posing as a sponsor for other dependants. Ask them the remove their contacts from the Sponsor’s list.
  • You could be listed as a dependant on some other person’s account. Go ahead and deactivate yourself from that Tugabane account.
  • You have exceeded the number of dependants on your account. Can only add up to 4 dependants. If you badly want to add a new dependant, first reduce the number of old dependants then proceed to activate the new number on your Tugabane list.

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