Airtel MasterCard vs Mtn MoMo card – What is the difference?

Airtel MasterCard vs Mtn MoMo Card -
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In this post Airtel MasterCard vs Mtn momo card as we discuss their differences. MasterCard Customers Get access to data on 7,246,081 websites that are MasterCard Customers. Throughout the world, MasterCard’s principal business is to process payments between the banks of merchants and the card-issuing banks or credit unions of the purchasers who use the “Mastercard” brand debit, credit, and prepaid cards to make purchases.

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In simple terms, with a MasterCard, you are getting to make online payments, shop online, transfer funds worldwide, etc.


Airtel MasterCard

Airtel Money launched the Airtel Money Mastercard virtual payment solution in Uganda. The Airtel MasterCard allows all Airtel Money customers in the country, even those without a bank account, to make global e-commerce payments safely and securely.

This forms part of Airtel Africa’s strategic partnership with Mastercard to give over 100 million Airtel Africa mobile phone users across 14 African countries access to Mastercard’s global network.

The virtual (non-plastic, non-physical) payment solution is linked to Airtel Money wallets. The Cards are used to make a wide range of payments to online merchants that accept Mastercard.

These include Netflix, Uber, Amazon, Google, Aliexpress, Alibaba, etc.

Customers can be assured that their financial data is always secure and private.

Ugandans can now;

a) shop at well-known global e-commerce brands,
b) book and pay for travel,
c) Pay for online services such as utility bills
d) or subscriptions through Mastercard on Airtel Money wallets.

The payment solution also enables small businesses to procure goods and services from suppliers, either in Uganda or from abroad that accept Mastercard for payments.

Airtel MasterCard vs Mtn momo card
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MTN MoMo Card

Momo card is a virtual card available to MTN Uganda Mobile money customers that allows them to process online payments with ease at the comfort of their homes.

It works like a credit card /debit card the only difference being that the money to be used for any online payment is deducted from the customer’s mobile money account.

Like a debit card/credit card that is linked to a customer’s bank account, the MTN Momo card is linked to a customer’s MTN Mobile Money account.

The virtual card is accessible to all MTN customers with an active mobile money account.

Differences between Airtel MasterCard and Mtn momo card

MTN MoMo CardAirtel MasterCard
a) To create an MTN MoMo Card , firstly; dial *165*70# and select option 2.
Secondly; Enter your MTN MoMo PIN next.
Lastly, the MTN MoMo card details will be displayed.
Copy the card details use the Card.

a) For Airtel Virtual MasterCard, firstly; dial *185*7*9# and select option 2 of view card details.
Secondly; Enter your mobile money PIN and then you will receive an SMS with the link to your virtual.
Lastly; the link will then show you a copy of your virtual card with details like CVV number, 16 digits number and your mobile money names
b) The Card expires 2 weeks after its creation.
b) The Card expires a year after its creation.
c) A fee of UGX 1000 is charged whenever you make or create an MTN MoMo Card.
c) No charge is levied whenever you create an Airtel MasterCard.
d) MTN charges you 3% during each transaction
d) Airtel charges UGX 1000 during each transaction

That is it for Airtel MasterCard vs Mtn MoMo Card in this post. Now you know the differences between the two and can opt for one based on the factors listed above.