How to Configure Airtel Kenya Internet Settings

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If you have a new device or you are a new Airtel subscriber, you will have no access to the internet until you make the decision to configure Airtel internet settings. Now that you understand why you are unable to access the internet, you need to do something about it. Stress less because the steps are simple and easy to follow. Here is how you can configure Airtel Kenya internet settings both automatically and manually.

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Automatic Set up

  • Open messaging app.
  • Type the word ALL and send to 232.
  • A message entailing Airtel internet settings will be sent to you.
  • Save the settings.

Set up Airtel Kenya Internet Settings Manually

  • Launch settings app.
  • Click mobile data or Connections on iPhone and Androids respectively.
  • For Androids click APN and then Add new APN.
  • For Iphones click Mobile Data Network.
  • Fill in the details bellow.

Airtel APN Internet settings Kenya:

Name: Airtel Internet

APN: internet


Port: 8080

Username: (leave it blank –not set)

Server: (leave it blank)

MMSC: (Leave it blank)


Message proxy: (leave blank)

Multimedia message port: (Not Set)

MCC: (639)

MNC: (03)

Authentication type: (none)

APN type: (default,supl)

APN protocol: (IPv4)

Bearer: (Unspecified)

Mobile virtual network operator: (none)

NOTE: If the setup is successful, the mobile data icon will appear and you will now have access to the internet.

Airtel kenya Internet settings