Africell Uganda launches Night voice bundles – Get Unlimited calls

Buy Africell Night Voice Bundles Uganda
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In case you missed the great news, Africell Uganda introduced new Africell night voice bundles. These call bundles are for making calls during the night hours.

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In conjunction with their latest Hakuna Matata bundles, Africell has yet again surprised their users with a bundle for calling their loved ones in the night.

Here is all you need to know about these night voice bundles by Africell Uganda.

What to expect from Africell’s night voice bundles

  • You can only make Africell to Africell calls
  • You acquire unlimited Africell calls
  • The night voice calls are valid from 10:00 pm to 6:00 am
  • You can find the Night call bundles under the Hakuna Matata bundles menu option
  • You can buy the voice bundles with Africell airtime

How to buy Africell night voice bundles

  • Dial *133#
  • Select Hakuna Mata bundles (Option 0)
  • Select Night bundle (Option 4)
  • Proceed to buy for your self or for another Africell number
  • Approve payment and call your loved ones

Comparison with other competitors

After making a deep dive and comparison on night data bundles Uganda, we have thought it fair to present to you who emerges the winner when it comes to night voice bundles in Uganda. Here is how MTN, Airtel and Africell stand as per night voice bundles Uganda.

Africell Uganda offers its night voice bundle at only UGX 250, and a user can make unlimited Africell to Africell calls from midnight up to 6:00 am.

After teasing its users with night calls, MTN Uganda closed down the Kafyu call bundles for reasons unknown. MTN, however, still offers MTNNite calls for its users who buy airtime or bundle worth UGX 500 (or more) with the MTN MoMo app or an agent during the day. These MTN midnight calls run from Midnight to 6:00 am, and you are given 60 minutes.

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Airtel Uganda also offers night voice bundles worth UGX 300, and users get only 20 minutes (Yiiiii ????). In this battle of night voice bundles Uganda, Africell emerges the winner with its unlimited midnight voice bundle. Airtel needs to pull up its socks when it comes to these particular call bundles.

Night voice bundles Uganda

 Night bundleVoice bundle minutesPriceValidityHow to buy
MTNMTNNite calls60 minutesBuy UGX 500/- worth of airtime or dataMidnight to 6:00amBuy UGX 500/- worth of airtime or data
AirtelPaka Night20 minutesUGX 300/-Midnight to 6:00am *149*7*2#
AfricellAfricell Night bundleUnlimited call timeUGX 250/-Midnight to 6:00am*133*0*4#
Here is a Comparison of night voice bundles Uganda - Who is the winner?


We hope you can now make a choice when it comes to who is the winner of night voice bundles Uganda. Kudos to Africell’s night voice bundles for servings its users with unlimited call time. Do you think MTN and Airtel should revise their night voice bundles?
Have you used their bundles, or you prefer other voice bundles? Share with us in the comments below, let’s keep the conversation going.