A Guide To Connect DSTV Explora Decoder to the internet

A Guide to connect DSTV Explora Decoder on internet
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Did you know that you can connect the DSTV Explora Decoder to the internet? Yes, you can. And guess what, once you have done so, you will be able to view supported services with the likes of ShowMax. In addition, you will have the ability to record all your favorite shows and re-watching them later when you have the time to sit in your living room say on a Saturday midmorning, cool stuff, right?

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In this article, I will basically talk about how you can do this trick in short and simple steps that are listed below. You can revisit the previous step just in case something goes wrong and continue following the steps as stated below. Shall we get moving?

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What you need to connect DSTV Explora Decoder to the Internet

  • A Wi-Fi cable router with unlimited internet connected
  • The Explora decoder
  • An Ethernet cable
  • Internet speeds between 2- 10 Mbps (preferably dedicated internet)

Using an Ethernet cable

Ethernet cable can be used if you are to connect DSTV Explora Decoder to the Internet where the decoder and the router are in the same room. An Ethernet cable is preferred due to its stable connectivity and as well its ability to resist interference with WIFI and Bluetooth. (Created by home devices such as Phones, Bluetooth radios, and many other smart devices known to a smart home). You need to apply some little physics. You will follow the steps below this line to get started on how to connect DSTV Explora Decoder on the Internet.

  1. Plug the Ethernet cable into the green Ethernet port at the back of your DSTV Explora decoder and ensure that the other side of the Ethernet is connected to your internet router.
  2. After ensuring a physical wire connection between the router and your decoder, do a connectivity check on your Explora to confirm that you are connected to the internet by following the steps below:
    – Press “help” on your remote
    – Then select “Tools”
    – After which, Select “Connectivity checker”
  3. Now you can switch on your connected services and see if services that require the internet to work are actually working as expected. You need to turn on these services since they are off by default. Follow the steps below to manually turn on these services:
    – Press the blue DSTV button on your remote
    – Select “Settings”
    – Select “User preferences”
    – Select “Connected services “

Using Wi-Fi to connect DSTV Explora on the internet

For situations where the Router and your decoder are not in the same room, WI-FI does the trick. However, you may only resort to this option if you are sure of your internet connection.

Otherwise, I advise you to stick to the Ethernet cable option. You can additionally get a DSTV Wi-Fi connector to help you have a wireless connection between your Explora and router. You must be sure that your router has a WPS button.

The Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS) can configure one device at a time. This button can be accessed either on the front or back panel of your router. It lets you easily connect WPS-supported client devices, such as wireless printers, to your router wirelessly. In case your router lacks the WPS button, your laptop shall be of great help so make sure it’s available by the time of starting the process.

  1. Insert the Ethernet cable into your laptop Ethernet port while the other side is connected to the Ethernet port at the back of the connector
  2. Copy and paste this address http://dstvwifi.local/ in the address bar of your already running internet browser
  3. Select your specific router from the list of the option given and enter your Wi-Fi password in case you restricted it from other users.
  4. Disconnect the connector from your laptop if you are connected successfully
  5. Now replace the disconnected side into the green Ethernet port of the DSTV Explora decoder while other end remains in the connector’s Ethernet port
  6. Use the other cable to insert into either of the USB port of the Explorer and insert the other-side into the power input of the Wi-Fi connector.
  7. The power LED on the front of the Wi-Fi connector should at this point turn WHITE which means it has power. Wait for two 2 minutes
  8. The Wireless LED at the front of the connector will turn to white which means that your internet connection has been established
  9. Now go the DSTV Explora decoder and use the connectivity checker to confirm that you are connected to the internet. Here are the steps to verify this:
    – Press “help” on your remote
    – Select “Tools”
    – Select “Connectivity checker” and press OK

After all this, you can now enjoy the DSTV Explora service while connected to the internet.

Here is a YouTube video to Guide you on Steps to connect DSTV Explora Decoder to Internet


We hope that this blog has been helpful and that you can now connect DSTV Explora Decoder to the internet.