9 Things you Need to Check Before Buying a Used Apple Watch

9 Things you Need to Check Before Buying a Used Apple Watch-ugtechmag.com
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The need to buy branded gadgets has always been high. However, since branded products come off as pricy, certain individuals have no choice but to purchase used branded products at a lower price. Do you want an Apple Watch but can not afford it? You can choose to buy a used or refurbished Apple Watch. At the moment, you could be thinking that a used watch might present its own uncertainties. That won’t be the case if you attentively review the 9 things you need to check before buying a used Apple Watch as described in the guide.

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1. What is the Model of the Apple Watch?

First things first, you need to identify the model of the Apple Watch that you intend to buy. Apple has so far released eight generations and eight series of Apple Watches. Apple Watch models have been divided into five “collections”: Apple Watch (1st generation-present), Apple Watch Sport (1st generation), Apple Watch Nike+ (Series 2-present), Apple Watch Hermes (1st generation-Series 5, Series 6-present), and Apple Watch Edition (1st generation-Series 3, Series 5, Series 6-present). They are differentiated by combinations of cases, bands, exclusive watch faces, and functionalities too. To view the model of your Apple Watch, click here.

2. Check up on Details About the Apple Watch online

There are different websites that give you details about your Apple Watch. Hereafter, you will be able to establish if the Apple Watch is refurbished, purchase date, warranty status, and so much more. To do that you will need to find the Apple Watch’s serial number. Now that you have the serial number, launch your preferred browser then go to imei.info, enter your serial number, and click Check. All the information about that particular Apple Watch will pop app on the screen. Look out for the “Find My” status, if it says “LOST” that means the Apple Watch was stolen. Also check the activation date, to know when the Apple Watch was first used and how long it has been in use. I do not recommend you to buy a watch that has been used for a long. The activation date will also help you calculate the depreciation rate of that Apple Watch.

3. Is the Activation Lock Enabled?

The Activation Lock is a security feature introduced on iOS to prevent people from resetting or activating a device without knowing the iCloud account information. Let the Apple deal go off hock if the previous owner did not erase the activation lock. The only watch you can purchase is that without an Activation lock. The previous owner must unpair the watch and remove Activation Lock by entering their Apple ID password, so you can use the watch. To know if the Apple Watch still has Activation lock enabled;

  • You will be required to enter a passcode on the lock screen or the Home screen. 
  • When pairing with your iPhone goes to vain and you are asked to enter the previous owner’s Apple ID password during setup, then Activation Lock is still on.

4. Is the Cellular Plan still Active?

If you are buying a used cellular model of the Apple Watch, make sure that the previous owner removed and canceled any active cellular plan. This situation is similar to “Activation Lock.” The previous owner must unpair the watch and remove Activation Lock by entering their Apple ID password, so you can use the watch. When you erase and unpair your Apple Watch, you also get the option to remove the plan from your Apple Watch. When asked, choose Erase All to remove the plan. 

5. How is the Apple Watch’s Battery Health?

Batteries degrade all the time and any used Apple Watch is bound to have a battery life that does not match up to 100% battery health like a brand new Watch. Therefore, before you buy a used Apple Watch, check the battery health. To do so, go to Apple Watch Settings app, scroll down to the Battery option, and under the Battery menu scroll down to and tap Battery Health. Next, scroll down to the “Maximum Capacity” section. That section measures the Battery’s health capacity relative to when it was new. If the Maximum Capacity is below 90%, avoid buying that watch. The higher the Battery Capacity the longer the battery life.

9 Things you Need to Check Before Buying a Used Apple Watch-ugtechmag.com

6. Do the Speakers and Microphone Work?

Since your Apple Watch takes calls and voice messages, you need to check if the speakers and microphone work properly. You can easily test the speaker by opening the setting app on your Apple Watch, now tap Sounds and Haptics from the displayed menu, and continuously tap the Sound icon. Once you hear the sound popping up, then you will know that the speakers are in good shape. To taste the microphone, you will have to pick a call using the Apple Watch.

7. Check the Sensitivity of your Apple Watch’s Display

The Display is your Apple Watch’s face and screen. It responds to taps, swipes, and presses. Before you make the purchase, check the display of your Apple Watch and its touch sensitivity. Randomly tap, and swipe on your display. If the touch is lagging or slow, that could be a red sign. Also, check the color saturation from side to side of the Display. If each side has a different color, and part of the display is broken, avoid that watch.

8. Check the Buttons

The Apple Watch comes with 2 buttons; the Digital Crown button and the side button. Before you consider buying that Apple Watch, you need to check if both buttons are in perfect condition. Press and spin the Digital crown button to check if it is working fine. For the Side button, press and hold it until the power logo comes up. That’s it! The buttons are in perfect condition.

9 Things you Need to Check Before Buying a Used Apple Watch-ugtechmag.com

9. Are the Bands Intact?

One of the reasons why you are buying the Apple watch is because you want to wear it on your wrist. Before you make a full installment on that Apple Watch that you want to purchase, check the state of the bands. If the bands come off without pressing any button, that can be problematic. That is a clear indication that the bands are loose. Let it go.

I hope that the pointers listed above will help you choose a perfect used Apple Watch.