8 Email Marketing Tools You Need Right Now

Email Marketing Tools
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Email marketing has proven itself to be one of the most effective ways to connect with customers, increase sales, and improve customer retention and loyalty. When you’re ready to start email marketing, you’ll want to choose an email marketing tool that fits your needs and integrates with the other apps you use. In this article, we’ll cover eight great email marketing tools that can help you build relationships with your subscribers and improve your business’s email marketing strategy!

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8 Email Marketing Tools You Need Right Now - UgTechMag.Com
Image Source: ConvertKit

ConvertKit is a beautiful, user-friendly email service provider (ESP) that is ideal for businesses. Create professional landing pages to grow your email list. Plus, you can design and track your campaigns from start to finish. The free version of ConvertKit offers limited features while their premium plan allows you to access much more.


8 Email Marketing Tools You Need Right Now - UgTechMag.Com
Image Source: MailChimp

It’s easy to use, inexpensive and integrates with pretty much every service out there. If you’re looking for a tool that can help you build a newsletter list from scratch or integrate your current subscriber base into one place, MailChimp is a great choice. There are free plans available for those who want to try them before they buy. It’s worth noting that MailChimp also offers an enterprise tier for larger companies. Pricing varies depending on how many subscribers you have, but you can contact them directly for details.

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8 Email Marketing Tools You Need Right Now - UgTechMag.Com
Image Source: Sendinblue

A favorite among e-commerce sites, SendinBlue is packed with features. Though it lacks some of MailChimp’s bells and whistles, it makes up for its design and ease of use. SendinBlue lets you track your open rates, so you can see what email designs get more clicks. Another advantage is that if you want to send more emails or work with complicated campaigns, SendinBlue will make it easy because they offer great customer support.


8 Email Marketing Tools You Need Right Now - UgTechMag.Com
Image Source: Debounce

When you’re an email marketer, it’s important to track open rates, click-through rates, and unsubscribe rates so that you can get a sense of how effective your emails are. DeBounce is a tool that helps you eliminate emails that are being incorrectly routed to spam folders by tracking whether or not recipients are opening your messages. It can also help identify inactive subscribers who aren’t opening your messages but still receiving them. DeBounce alerts you to these issues by displaying a red bar on your message in inboxes. The red bar will turn green when there is no issue with delivery.

This tool is especially helpful for marketers whose lists have been developed over time, because they may have older contacts whose email addresses may have changed over time. This can allow you to better segment your audience into groups based on performance identifying those who don’t respond well to certain types of content or from certain sources. If a group isn’t performing well, you might want to avoid sending more communications to that group until you’ve had time to build up trust again with new messaging. Overall, using DeBounce as part of your outreach strategy will help reduce overall costs associated with getting people onto your list and into engagement with your brand.

Amazon Simple Email Service

8 Email Marketing Tools You Need Right Now - UgTechMag.Com
Image Source: aws

Amazon SES is one of the best services because it’s so affordable. It also has built-in DKIM signatures so that you can send an email with your domain name and be certain that it won’t get flagged as spam by Gmail or Outlook. If you’re sending a lot of high-volume marketing campaigns, AWS SES is a no-brainer. The service even provides you with detailed analytics about your email performance. Just keep in mind that you’ll need to provide a credit card number for identity verification purposes.

So if you want to use AWS SES for testing purposes, set up an alternate account just for testing purposes. Then once you’re ready to move forward with an actual campaign, cancel that account and set up another new account using your main business information. That way, when you make mistakes or start getting flagged as spam, there will be no negative impact on your real business accounts. Another nice thing about Amazon SES is that you don’t have to pay any money upfront. This means that if you aren’t sure whether or not people are going to click on your links, then feel free to test different types of subject lines before spending any money sending out messages.

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8 Email Marketing Tools You Need Right Now - UgTechMag.Com
Image Source: GetResponse

GetResponse offers great functionality, easy-to-use reports, and some useful extra features that set it apart from its competitors. With a paid account, you can create an unlimited number of campaigns. The company also has an extensive knowledge base where you can find step-by-step guides on how to use all their features or troubleshoot issues in your account. If you need help after signing up, support staff are available 24/7 via live chat and email. In addition to English, they speak Spanish, German, French, and Portuguese.


8 Email Marketing Tools You Need Right Now - UgTechMag.Com
Image Source: Sendy

Sendy helps you send your emails to specific groups of subscribers. It offers a wide range of advanced options including list segmentation, A/B testing, and multi-level segmentation. In addition, it also allows you to track open rates, click rates, and unsubscribe rates. On top of all that, Sendy can also import contacts into MailChimp. All in all, if you’re looking for an email marketing software that can grow with your business as it scales up quickly and easily, Sendy is worth considering! 


8 Email Marketing Tools You Need Right Now - UgTechMag.Com
Image Source: Mailgenius

Mailgenius provides great templates, instant feedback on how your campaign is doing, and much more. If you’re using Mailgenius in your business or agency or even thinking about it you should check out and apply for their Partner Program here! It’s free to join and will unlock a ton of extra features for free when you refer someone else to use Mailgenius.


Once you’ve set up your email marketing, follow best practices when it comes to content and frequency.  Make sure that every email is providing value for your subscribers, and if possible, include a call-to-action to help them take an action. Whatever frequency you choose, be consistent. That is key to maintaining open rates over time. Finally, make sure that every single email you send has value for your subscribers even if they don’t click through or buy immediately.