5 ways to Keep your Email Address Hidden

5 ways to keep your Email Address Hidden-ugtechmag.com
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An email address is a valuable private asset and hence a prime target for criminals and scammers. Probably, you must have heard about scammers launching phishing attacks against one’s email address inbox, impersonating the individual to friends, family, and acquaintances.

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There are a series of tricks you can use to keep your email address hidden. If you are looking for how to keep your email address hidden from spammers, you are in the right place. Keep reading to find out how.


Use a Temporary Email Address for signups

Forget about the days of navigating around the internet, flitting from one site to another, devouring news and blogs anonymously, today the case is different. How? Most sites require you to avail your email address to access their content, this may force one to surrender their email address which is not a good idea. What do you do then? Right about here, think about a temporary mailbox, and creating one does not require rocket science. Simply visit the provider who will avail an email address to you and you can use this to register with sites, verification emails are sent to the temporary email address which is always deleted after a few hours. The downside about this is that the email inbox is public but never mind, it keeps your email private.

Plus Aliasing

Did you know that when you place a + sign after the first part of an email address with a string of text after the +, the + sign and the string are ignored and the email is delivered as if it weren’t there? This is interesting. Ok, let’s imagine your email address is “[email protected]” and an email addressed to “jethroliz2000+davinahtackle @gmail.com” can reach you. Therefore, you can always use plus aliases emails to access sites requiring email addresses before accessing them. Unfortunately, it is easy to figure out your real email address by simply deleting the +.

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Catch-All Forwarding

Custom email domains may be cool as they permit one and do not send the email. To use Catch-All Forwarding, one has to purchase a domain name and proceed following the steps below.

  1. Visit Registrar’s Settings to locate Mail Settings.
  2. Tap Email Forwarding.
  3. Find the Redirect Email Section.
  4. Tap Add Catch- All Forward-to field, type the email address you are sending to. With a personal domain name, you can always give out any email address and no one can track your main email address.

Creating Functional New Email Addresses

Functional mailboxes require fictitious users to create their email server to add users or sign up to providers such as Google Workspace that can operate the server hence simplifying the idea of creating new user accounts faster.

Anon Addy Manages Your Email Aliases

Anon Addy receives an email with an address that ends in “@your_username.anonaddy.com” alias is created and the email is forwarded to the regular email account. Then you can use the AnonAddy dashboard to view all your email aliases and find out the number of emails forwarded to you and the replies you have sent.